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Donald Jackson of Minnedosa. They have three children.

Bert born in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and attended Erickson School and lived with brother Sven and Ebba. He later moved to Haney, B.C., where he is presently residing.


by Gordon Ingaldson

Sven Leonard, eldest son of Sevirt and Olivia Gun­ narson, was born November 14, 1889, in Jamtland, Sweden, where he received approximately two years of schooling. He immigrated to Canada with his parents in 1898 to the Hilltop area. Sven worked on the con­ struction of the Canadian Northern Railway between Clan william and Erickson. After the railroad was built, it was also used by area people as a winter road for horses and sleighs.

In 1905, after his father's death, Sven, his mother and sisters, farmed the homestead. Sven worked on the local

threshing gang. Some of the men were; Otto Halverson, Ernest and Arvid Ullberg, Alex Nyquist, Albin Gustafson, Charlie 'Carl" Johnson.

In 1913, Sven, his mother and sisters and brothers moved to Foam Lake, Saskatchewan where he acquired another homestead. In 1915, they moved back to the homestead at Hilltop. N.E. 22-17-18W. During the First World War, Sven was a member of the Reserve Unit of the 12th Manitoba Dragoons.

On July 10, 1918, Sven married Ebba Erickson at Danvers. Sven and Ebba remained on his mother's farm until 1925 when they purchased S.W. 2-19-19W in the Clear Lake District which was a Soldier Settlement Farm. He acquired another quarter of land but sold it after the Second World War. He owned a threshing outfit and for many years did threshing for many farmers.

He was the first farmer in the area to own a combine.

Sven supplied horses and a driver on the construction of the highway through Onanole and in the Riding Mountain National Park.

Sven was active in the community, serving as School Trustee, one of the founders in the Clear Lake Seed Club,

Sven Gunnarson Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Vivian, Violet, Me/ford, Ivar, Alex, Evelyn, Eleanor. Centre Row: Bernice, Ethel, Swen, Ebba, Elster, Hazel. Seated: Garry and Marlon.