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Harold Hanson.

Eaton's in Winnipeg wanted his birds to sell and offered him a job, but Mr. Hansen refused the offer. C.N.R. in Winnipeg also used Mr. Hansen's birds to sell in their souvenir shop.

The Thunderbird Club of Erickson (in co-ordination with the Chamber of Commerce) gave Mr. Hansen's birds to honored guests and dignitaries who visited Erickson during much of the 1960's and 1970's. The Queen, upon her Centennial visit, was to be presented with a beautiful carving of two birds lit upon a branch, but due to poor arrangement for presentation, the Queen was deprived of the beautiful gift.

Mr. Hansen lived on his farm until 1974, upon retiring to Erickson when his son Larry married and took over the farm. In July of 1978, following a short illness, Mr. Hansen passed away, but not without having given, Canadians a true legacy in his birds, and having warmed the hearts of those who knew him.

His family: Larry Hansen married the former Esther Funk of Brandon. Their children are Henry, born in 1975 and Andrew, born in 1977.

Linda (nee Hansen) married Tom Warburton in 1970.

Their children are Kevin, born in 1972 and David, born in 1975.


Andrew Ole, and his wife Carolina, and three children, Helma, Myrtle and Albert emigrated from Norway to Stanley, North Dakota and arrived in the R.M. of Clanwilliam in 1910. Andrew had previously applied for a homestead N. W. 13-18-18W on October 6, 1908 and received the title, February 7, 1914. He farmed and worked at sawmills for several years. Three children, Clara, Joseph and Dewey were born in the area. Helma married George Rossen and they resided in Brandon.


Myrtle married Steve Speechley. (refer to Speechley, Steve and Myrtle). Clara married George Gareau. (refer to Gareau, George and Clara).

The three young women, died of the flu a few days apart. Helma, in Brandon, Myrtle and Clara on the Speechley farm. They and the other family members were cared for by Olga Freko, Annie Halvarson and Bertha Anderson during the flu epidemic.

The three sons, Joseph - deceased, Albert - deceased. (refer to Hanson, Albert and Sadie, and Dewey). The only surviving members of the family resides at Hamiota, Manitoba.


by Sadie Hanson

Albert, eldest son of Andrew and Carolina Hanson, was born on January 29, 1898, in North Dakota, U.S.A. In 1910, at 12 years of age, he came to Canada to N. W. 13-18-18W, in the R.M. of Clanwiliiam, with his parents and sisters.

Albert worked in the area with his father, learning the sawmill trade. From 1922 to 1946 he worked for Albin Gustafson in the Clear Lake area, on the farm and as head sawyer at the sawmill, and planed lumber, sometimes on into summer.

On December 14, 1930; Albert married Sadie Mcinnes, daughter of Lachlan and Mary Mcinnes of the West­ mount district. The family resided in Erickson. Sadie worked for several years at Wally's Cafe. She was a member of the Erickson Ladies' Curling Club in the 1940's, always helped with bridal showers and also baked and decorated cakes for special occasion.

Albert passed away on April 30, 1975, and is buried at the Erickson Municipal Cemetery. Sadie resides in Erickson and is a member of the Perky Pioneers Club. Albert and Sadie had two children.

Reginald, born on September 20, 1931, at Erickson, where he attended school. He married Jean Chambers and they reside at Vancouver, B.C., where Reg. works for a freight company.

Sandra, born on September 24, 1942, at Erickson, where she attended school. She graduated as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in Brandon, Man. Sandra married Arnold Weidl and their four children are - Cindy, Jason, Tracy and Dana. The family resides in Winnipeg Beach, Man. Sandra is nursing at Gimli and Arnold farms.

We have a friend who, when you ask him how things are going, always answers "Better". His philosophy is to try to make each day at least a little better than the previous one. Even a little progress, hefigures, is better than none.