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Hans I. Hanson owned and operated a livery stable and machine shop in Danvers, Minnesota before moving to Canada.

In 1903, Hans and his father Iver Hanson Sr. came to Manitoba to look for land. They bought land in the Clanwilliam area east of town. Hans bought a farm owned by Constable Brown and the Waterfall farm. The Brown farm is now owned by Hans' daughter, Marie Hall. Iver Hanson, Sr. bought four quarters belonging to the Gibson families.

Returning to Minnesota, they sold the property in Danvers, and with several carloads of horses, farm equipment, including a threshing outfit, and household goods, the families moved to Manitoba.

Hans I. Hanson with his wife, Anna, and three children, Irvin, Marie and Ruth, settled on the Constable Brown farm and later moved to the Waterfall place.

Iver Hanson Sr. and three sons, Ole, Iver, and John settled on the four Gibson quarters. After several years Ole Hanson left Canada and moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. John Hanson also left the area and moved to Saskatoon. Iver Jr. lived on the same quarter until he retired and moved to Clanwilliam in the 1930's. Iver Hanson Sr. lived on the same farm until he and his wife died in 1916. Hans I. Hanson later moved to this farm and lived there until 1953. The farm was then owned and operated by his son, Herbert, until 1977 when he retired and moved to Brandon. The farm is now owned by Kenneth Cook, who is a great-grandson of Hans I. Hanson.

Hans I. Hanson died in 1955 and his wife Anna died in 1972.

Children born to Hans and Anna Hanson are:

Irvin, lived in the Personal Care Home, Minnedosa.

Passed away February 1983.

Marie Hall living in Clanwilliam. (refer Hall, Charles

and Marie).

Ruth Andreassen, living in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Eunice Sundal- deceased 1939.

Myrtle Norberg - deceased 1959.

Herbert Hanson, living in Brandon, Manitoba. Thelma Lokkesmoe, living in Alberta, Minnesota. There are 16 living grandchildren, 28 great-grand-

children, and 12 great-great-grandchildren.


by Thora Lofgren

Hartwig was born October 9, 1870 in Karringnesdalen, Sortland, Norway, son of Hans and Henrikke Danielson. (refer to Danielson, Hans). He was confirmed in Sortland church in 1887. On July 21, 1891 he married Johanna Fredricka Olsen (born 1850) from Salkdalen, Norway.

They emigrated to Canada in 1894 and came to Hartney, then to Shoal Lake, Manitoba. In 1902, they moved to the Danvers area and homesteaded N. W. 16- 18-18W which they farmed for some years. They moved to Erickson in 1914 and Hartwig started his blacksmith

Hartvig and Fredricka Hanson.

shop as well as doing some grain crushing. Fredricka had a store in their home for many years and, as horticulture was her hobby, their yard was a mass of flowers. They were active in the Bethel Church and members of the Erickson Lutheran Church.

Fredricka was totally blind the last seven years of her life. She passed away in April 1935. Hartwig then moved to McDonald, Manitoba and operated a blacksmith shop there. He later moved back to Erickson and then to Winnipeg. He passed away on August 13, 1952.

Fredricka had three children from a former marriage: one daughter, Abina Rognan (refer to Rognan, A.) and two sons, Ole Langeland and Christian Olsen.

Hartwig and Fredricka are both buried in Bethel Cemetery.


by Thora Lofgren

Peder was born in 1873 in Kjarringnesdalen, Sigerf­ jord, Norway, son of Hans and Henrikke Danielson. He was confirmed in the Sortland Church. He emigrated to Canada in 1896 and worked as a carpenter in Winnipeg. There Peder met and married Anna Kaysa Swanson from Lillerud, Sweden. They came to Erickson in 1902 and homesteaded S.E. 16-18-18W.

Peder helped organize Bethel Lutheran Congregation, being on the Building Committee and the Board of Deacons. When the Erickson Lutheran Church was to be built, he helped cut and saw logs and haul the lumber to Erickson. Both Peder and Anna were active members in the church and Anna was a member of the Ladies Aid.

Later, Peder and Anna moved to S.W. 1O-18-18W which they had purchased from his father. They lived there until Peder passed away November 29, 1928. Anna stayed on the farm for a few years. She then moved to Seattle, Washington where she passed away in November 1933. They are both buried in Bethel Cemetery.