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Peder M. Hanson.


by Marie Reetz

Petter George Hanson was born April 13, 1877, in Kjaringnesdalen Sortland, Norway.

Hilda Elida Sophie Pederson was born July 18, 1880, in Sortland, Norway.

They were married in the Sortland Church in Norway in the late 1890's. Petter and Hilda left Norway in 1899 travelled by boat and train and settled SE 1O-18-18W.

Twelve children were born into the family - one in Norway and ten at Erickson, Canada and one in the United States.

Hartwig, the oldest, had no birth record and died when an infant, at Erickson or Danvers.

Paul, born December 29, 1900, at Erickson. He married Margaret Johnson and had two daughters, Kathy and Lura. Paul passed away August 18, 1979.

Peter, born September 29, 1902, at Erickson and died February 28, 1953. He was married to Ada Cotten from Coos Bay, Oregon, and had two sons, John and Ruben, and grandchildren.

Marie, born April 5, 1904, married to Wayne Reetz from Eugene, Oregon. She had one daughter, Juanita, who married Bud Essary from Missouri. Marie had three grandchildren - Karla, Dayle and Randy. She has six great-grandchildren.

Annie was born July 19, 1906, at Erickson. She married Leslie John from Oklahoma and had two sons, Leonard and Ray, and grandchildren and great­ grandchildren.

Louise, born April 7, 1908, at Erickson, married Joe Barnes from California. They had four children - Gladys, George, Betty and Robert, and grandchildren and great­ grandchildren.


Andrew was born February 11, 1910, at Erickson. Died June 14, 1975. He was married to Thelma Grise from Michigan and had three children - Glenn, Donald and Margie, and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Hilma was born February 3, 1912, at Erickson. She married Ed Balwin and had two sons, Dick and Roy, and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her name is now Herman and she lives in Alaska.

Gunda (or Ruth) was born December 17, 1913, at Erickson and died February 15, 1980. She was married to Howard Johnson from Junction City, Oregon and had four children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Hans (changed to the name Robert Rideout through adoption) was born August 21, 1915, at Erickson and married Belle Venten. They have one adopted daughter.

Gladys was born December 28, 1917, at Erickson and died in May 1935 at the age of 17 years.

Arthur (or George as we call him) was born at Lebanon, Oregon February 16, 1920. He married Dorothy H. Cummins of Ukiah, California. They have two daughters, Joyce and Linda, and grandchildren.

The Petter Hanson Family. Left to Right: Peter, Paul, Petter, Hilda, Hans, Annie, Andrew, Marie, Gladys, Hilma and Louise.


The first thing I can remember was in 1907 when the folks lost most everything in a fire. I was 3 years old then. The house and barn burned. Our folks got the kids (4 of us then) out to a safe place and Mamma told us to stay there while she went to the barn and got the horses. She hitched them to the wagon and drove us over to Grandpa and Grandma Danielsons, just a short distance away. We stayed there till Dad, his brothers, Peder and Hartwig, and Grandpa got a cabin built for us to live in and built a barn for two horses and a couple of cows.

Later Dad built another house 'and three barns, all of logs. The house was made of logs standing on end, if I remember right. The logs were hewn flat on two sides by hand. It had board siding on the outside and was plastered and papered on the inside.