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after Helge was unable to care for her, she entered a nursing home where she passed away on December 30, 1977. Helge also suffered a stroke and spent his last years in the Swedish Nursing Home in New Westminster. He died October 20, 1979.

Their daughter, Edith, married George Atkinson and they have three children, Alfred, Harry and Debbie. Margaret married Harris Hanson and they have three children, Elaine, Terry, and Shirley Ann. Pearl married Arnold Enge and they have six children Sharon, Sandra, Barry, Karen, Vickie and Darlene. These families all reside in B.C.


by Sylvia

Elis became a carpenter and bricklayer, working for several years with his uncle, John Anderson, when the townsite of Wasagaming was being developed. He worked on the construction of Danceland as well as several other buildings at the Lake. In 1935, he married Sylvia Olsen. They lived for a time in a farmhouse southeast of Erickson and then moved into Erickson, purchasing their home on Third Street S from Alfred Sjogren. Elis worked wherever he could find employment. In Brandon he helped construct two churches as well as the CKX-TV building and the steam plant. Later he was employed at Camp Shilo and Rivers Air Base as maintenance man. He also learned to do stucco work. Sylvia was kept busy at home caring for their family of twelve children, seven boys and five girls. They all received their education in Erickson.

Dale took a course in short order cooking in Brandon and then worked at the Commodore Bakery there. He married Shirley Bailey and they had two sons, Robert Allen born in Brandon, and Barry in Cranbrook, B.C. When they moved to Cranbrook he operated his own bakery for a few years. After several years of poor health, Shirley passed away in 1968. Dale's parents came to make their home with him until he remarried. Dale has since sold his bakery and has worked on the chipper in the Crest brook sawmill.

Arthur, On leaving school he began working as a driver for the Erickson Transfer. He then went into partnership with Albert Johnson in the A&A Construction firm. He married Olga Kuzmiak and they have two children, Jim and Lorie. After residing in Erickson and building a new home there, they moved to Russell, Man., where they owned and operated the Central Hotel for three years. They then moved to Kelowna, B.C. where Arthur is back in construction work.

Glen -- At the age of eighteeen he joined the Canadian Armed Forces and learned the trades of finishing car­ pentry, electrician, and plumber. He served for some time in Germany and while there he met and married Christa Konge. They had two daughters, Angela and Audrey. On their return to Canada they made their home in Winnipeg. He had earned the rank of Sergeant and had spent 27 years in the Forces at the time of his death in 1982.

Lome trained as a plumber at an early age. After


The Elis Holmberg Family. Standing, Left to Right: Sylvia, Kenneth, Lome, Glen, Arthur, Dale, Elis. Seated: Alma, Levina, Joan, Sandra. Front Row: Leslie, Raymond and Shirley.

earning his papers he worked in Neepawa, Winnipeg and northern Manitoba. He then moved on to Fort Me­ Murray, Alberta and is now employed as a pipe fitter with Alcan Co. in Kitimat, B.C. He married Joyce Dagg and they had two children, Brian and Lawrence, who reside in Neepawa. They were divorced and Lome remarried in Kitimat.

Kenneth started driving a transfer truck for George Gushulak while he was still in school. He continued with the Erickson Transfer when it changed ownership until 1968 when he moved to Regina. There he has been employed as a milkman for the past fifteen years. He married Sandra Jenson.

Shirley -- After five sons, a daughter arrived in the Holmberg home. On leaving school she worked for a while in the Erickson Hospital as a kitchen aid. She then entered the Brandon Mental Hospital to train as a Psychiatric Nurse. She passed away there in 1960, the victim of a tragic accident.

Sandra, also worked in the Erickson Hospital, as a nurse's aid. After a year she went to Winnipeg where she was employed at the Health Sciences Centre as a nurse's aid for two years before her death in 1967. She had a daughter, Jo-Anne, who lives in Cranbrook, B.C.

Joan: Her first job was in Winnipeg where she worked at the Sheraton-Carleton Hotel as a chambermaid. After two years she married Don McTavish and they moved to Brandon. They have two children, Darren and Debrah. Being very fond of children she has for the past six years been baby-sitting, sometimes for three and four families at once. Don is employed as a truck driver.

Levina, first worked in Brandon at Dayton's Clothing Store as a sale's clerk. After a few years she went to Sears and she is currently employed at Kokono's Restaurant as a dining room hostess. She is married to Stewart Granger and they have two children, Karen and Mark. Levina is blessed with a beautiful singing voice and she contributes