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to the music program at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Brandon where they are members. Stewart is employed by the city of Brandon in the recreation program.

Alma, also worked in the Erickson Hospital for awhile as a nurse's aid. After her marriage to Allen Warniski she worked at the Macleod's Store in Minnedosa. After living in several places over the years, she came to Brandon where she also worked at Kokono's Restaurant in the Lounge. At the present time she works as a checkout girl at Brandon Mall Safeway. Alma and Allen are divorced and she lives with their son, Trevor, in Brandon.

Leslie -- When he left home he first worked in Boissevain, Man. for Arches and Beams, constructing laminated rafters. Then he spent some years with the Benco Company in Brandon. From there he moved to Calgary where he has been tire man for Trimac Trucking for the past six years. He is married to Sandy Cyr and they have one daughter, Jennifer.

Raymond, hasn't had as many years to work as his brothers and sisters. After he graduated he got a job with Canada Safeway and has worked in their Tenth St. store in Brandon for the last ten years. He married Karen Moore and they live in Brandon.

After spending two years in Cranbrook, B.C., with Dale, Elis and Sylvia returned to their home in Erickson where she still resides. Elis passed away in September, 1972. Besides being busy with visits to her family now scattered across the west, Sylvia is an active member of the Erickson Lutheran Church Women, the Legion Auxiliary and the Perky Pioneer Senior Citizens organization.


by Edwin

As a young man of sixteen Edwin went to Saskat­ chewan where he worked as a section man on the railroad for a year. He moved on to B.C. where he worked in lumber camps and then to Idaho and Washington in the U.S.A. for three years. On returning to Canada he was employed in the Hammond Cedar Mill in B.C. until he

Ruth and Edwin Holmberg.

came back to Manitoba about 1930. He rented his father's farm and also worked with construction crews on No.4 Highway. In 1932, he married Ruth Antonsen and they lived on what was known as the Hegstrom Place.

Edwin and Ruth had two children. Their son Elmer, was born on February 9, 1933. This proved to be quite an eventful day. There had been a severe winter storm and the roads were blocked. Edwin drove along the railroad track to Erickson to get the doctor. On the return trip the cutter broke. Dr. Rutledge picked up his little black bag and walked to his patient. By the time the cutter was repaired and Edwin got home the baby had arrived. Elmer attended school in Erickson. He married Francis Kindret and they had one son, Darren, born November 19, 1966. Elmer farms in the Hilltop district.

Their daughter, Emily Ruth, was born September 30, 1939. After the baby's birth, Ruth never regained her strength and she passed away March 8, 1940. Ruth's sister and brother-in-law, Gudrun and Bert Gustafson, took the baby and always made a home for her. Emily married Don Cale of Alexander, Man. They have lived in Regina, Saskatchewan, for many years. They have five children; Alvilda who is married to Brian Smith and they have two sons; Vernon, at home; Valdene, married to Kelly Smith and they have one daughter; Miles and Kora Lee Ruth, also at home. All reside in Regina.

In 1938, Edwin began working for Harper Con­ struction, building and repairing grain elevators. He worked continually with this company for forty-two years. He now lives on the home place with his brother Lloyd.


by Eileen McInnes and Mavis Johnston

Tony and Amanda Holmlund are not original residents of the R.M. of Clanwilliam in Manitoba as they had immigrated with their parents to Saskatchewan from Minnesota in 1906. Tony was the fifth member of the Gustav Holmlund family and was born September 8, 1896, at Strandquist, Minnesota. Amanda was the fourth child of the Andrew Sjovald family born October 2, 1902, at Cass Lake, Minnesota. In 1920, at a barn dance, George Knight introduced them to each other. This introduction later developed into a romance and on March 1, 1922, Tony and Amanda were married in Saskatoon.

They lived and worked on the family farm near Dunblane, Saskatchewan, and also farmed a homestead quarter near Parkbeg until October, 1937, when they and their three children, Eileen, Mavis, and Bruce moved to Erickson, Manitoba. Dennis and Marlene were additons to the family after the move to Manitoba.

Tony rented land W. 26-17-18W from Carrie Ramgren and from Axel Anderson and Nils Peterson S.W. 21-17- 18W where they lived for ten years. These years were not without their problems, in fact, the first year hail hit the one farm causing 500'/0 damage. Tony worked hard on his land as well as doing custom work for neighbors, and with the help of his hard working wife, they were able to purchase their own farm in 1947. They bought S.W. 20-