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Tony and Amanda Holmlund.

17-18W from Wm. McMillian and rented and later purchased N. W. 17-17 -18W from Roman Shindruk. From 1,949-54 Tony also had the Cock shutt dealership in Erickson which he sold to Herman Ludwig when Bruce married and quit farming.

The Holmlunds were very active:- They joined the Erickson branch of the Legion and Auxiliary, served on the executive, attended many conventions and both are presently life members. They were ardent curlers and Amanda is a life member of the Erickson Ladies' Curling Club.

The Holmlunds are also members of the Erickson Lutheran Church and auxiliary groups and in past years served on the executive and various committees. Amanda helped with the Red Cross knitting and sewing during the war and belonged to the Club at Westmount which later became known as the Westmount Women's Group. They both took an interest in dancing and fishing and did some extensive travelling making several trips to Ontario,

The Tony Holmlund Family. Left to Right: Bruce, Mavis, Amanda, Marlene, Tony, Eileen and Dennis.


Alberta, Iowa, B.C., driving to California in 1969 and going to Expo by train in 1967.

In 1963, they sold their farm and retired in Erickson.

Amanda worked part time for several years at a Gift Shop in Clear Lake.

They celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 1972 the same year that Tony underwent seven operations, spending much time in the Erickson, Minnedosa, and Winnipeg hospitals. In 1975, Amanda developed a heart condition that forced her to cut down on her activities and in 1979, they sold their house and moved into a suite at the Parkland Home. Tony suffered a stroke in the summer of 1980 but after much therapy and perseverance recovered and in March, 1982, they celebrated their 60th Anniversary with their family, relatives, and friends. During their 60 years of married life, they worked and played hard, suffered various hardships but persevered and provided their family with a good and happy home.

Eileen born August 7, 1922, at Dunblane, Saskat­ chewan attended school at WestPoint, Saskatchewan and Erickson, Manitoba. She worked out after leaving school and in July, 1939, married Edward L. Mcinnes. (refer to Mcinnes, Edward and Eileen)

Mavis born March 31, 1926, at Dunblane, Saskat­ chewan received her schooling at WestPoint, Saskat­ chewan and at Westmount and Erickson in Manitoba. After graduating from Grade 12, Mavis taught one year on permit at Norland school. After completing teachers' training at the Winnipeg Normal School, she taught at the Crocus Hill School for four years, before marrying Wendell Johnston in December, 1948 (refer to Johnston, Wendell)

Bruce Holmlund Family. Back Row, Left to Right: John and Elaine Garner, Jeffrey, Heather, and Tom Albani. Front, Seated: Lois holding Sean Garner, Shawana and Bruce.

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