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Institute for forty-two years and lately an honorary member.

She also was a seamstress for anyone needing sewing done. For several years, Roy was a caretaker at the Erickson School and the Royal Bank of Canada. Roy passed away January 27, 1967, and for some time after Christine carried on as caretaker of the Royal Bank. '

Christine is still residing in the Village.

James married Marilyn Ervin of Minnedosa area and resides at Spruce Grove, Alberta. James and Marilyn are active community members at Spruce Grove, Alta. They have two children, Debbie and Allan.

Lynne, born July 4, 1945, at Erickson, graduated from Erickson Collegiate in 1964, was a member of the St. Judes Roman Catholic church, the 4-H club for five years.. also the Canadian Youth Organization. Lynne married Kenneth Watts on May 15,1971, at Erickson.

They have one child, Brett born November 4, 1977, and are presently living in Winnipeg.


by Eleanor Moreau for Stanley

In the early 1940's, I was working on the town line one mile north of Clan william with my bulldozer. It was here I met Charlie Hill, the councillor and Mr. Johnson, the Reeve. They spent many hours watching me work before they asked if I would come to Erickson and work in their municipality. This was my first introduction to Erickson. I started working on the boundary lines between Erickson and Minto and gradually worked the entire area.

I was the first bulldozer in the area and people from all around came to watch the machine work. I built all the roads in this area - opened the town lines, cleared bush, made roads across sloughs giving people access to areas they were unable to get to without going many miles out of their way.

During the summer holidays my wife Hilda and two small children, Eleanor and Clifford, joined me on construction. Charlie Hill gave us one of his granaries to stay in. We made a summer home in this way. The wife cooked on a camp stove out of doors. We carried water from their well and survived the extreme heat.

Then in the fall of 1946, the family moved out from Winnipeg. We moved into Charlie Hill's small house below the hill and the children started school in Erickson.

During the next nine years I dug most of the basements, the new hospital basement, the Rolling River Indian School basement. I cleared the property for the new skating rink, I built roads up and cut others down but mostly I remember the good people, our great friends, the winter card parties, the hockey games, the snowstorms, where we were snowed in at Ernie and Hilma Erickson's place for days. We got up and played King-pedro, fighting to win, going to bed and starting again the next day. When the storm was over - went home only to have to return to finish the game.

We left Erickson to return to Winnipeg in 1955. Here I went out on construction, the wife took nursing, Clifford came on construction with me for a couple of years before he went into mechanical work. In 1960, Cliff


Left to Right: Stanley, Eleanor and Hilda Johnson, Hilma and Ernest Erickson.

married Bernice Fuerst from Winnipeg and eventually opened his own Dealership. Eleanor went on to University taking Nutrition and working as a Dietitian in city hospitals. Eleanor married Leon Moreau, a car dealer in Winnipeg and farms.

In 1962, I bought the Minnedosa Bowling Alley and had it until it blew up in 1964. Later I bought Funnel Motors across the tracks and turned it into the garage and restaurant. Later Cliff and his wife moved out to Min­ nedosa and we built the Valley Motor Lodge, sold it in 1973 and moved to Holland, where I opened a smaller food operation and shoestore, expanded to Glenboro, Carnduff, Saskatchewan and presently in Portage la Prairie. Clifford and his wife and two children moved to Winnipeg where Cliff is in the Brokerage Business. Bernice is a Floral Designer and mother of the Canadian Baton Champion and International Majorettes Championship. Donna Lynn is now in third year University and son Ronald, involved in hockey, is a Grade X student in Windsor Park.

Eleanor and Leon moved to California in the 1960's where she continued her work and took her PhD. They winter in Palm Springs and summer in Portage la Prairie where Eleanor has her Wholistic Health Centre and school of Therapeutic Sciences, the only one of it's kind in Canada. Leon has a number of wholesale and retail outlets.

Stars may be seen from the bottom of a deep well, when they cannot be seen from the top of a mountain. So are many things learned in adversity, which the prosperous man dreams not oj.