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by Florence Johnson

Theodore and Annie Johnson, their children Carl and Myrtle, and Mr. Christian Johnson (Grandpa) im­ migrated to Canada from the United States in April, 1906. Christian Johnson, born in Norway, March 1, 1851, came to the United States in 1870. His occupation was farming. He became a widower at age 35 with two sons.

Theodore had a General Store at Ringbo, Minnesota before coming to Canada. He was born March 14, 1879, at Little Falls, Wisconsin. They arrived in Minnedosa by train with four horses, six cows, machinery and household belongings in the spring of 1906. They had purchased a farm 2 1/2 miles west of Clan william from Dave Hunter S.W. 23-16-18W, later known as "Fair View Farm". Here seven more children were born ­ Tillie, Johnny, Bennie, Christine, Norman, Florence and Russell.

With true pioneer spirit their first thoughts were to help establish and build a church. Consequently in 1907, a parsonage was built and services were held there until a church was built in 1912. Thus the church "Immanuel Lutheran Church" was established. Christian Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Johnson were charter members of Immanuel Lutheran Church at Clanwilliam. They were also members of the Grain - Growers Association and in those early days the meetings were held in the homes. The Johnson home was always open for this and at one of these meetings their little boy asked his mother "Mummie, are these all the Doo-Dads?" This was a comic strip in the Grain - Growers paper.

Theodore was a founding member of the Clanwilliam Pool Elevator in 1925. He also served as "Road Boss" for a number of years under Jim Erven.

One of the high-lites for Grandpa Johnson was when his nephew, Rev. Hylmer Graven, a missionary in China, arrived at the farm to visit. Grandpa Johnson lived with his son, Theodore and family, until his death January 27, 1942, at the age of 91 years. He had never been in a hospital.

The lumber for all the buildings on the farm was sawed from logs obtained in and around Riding Mountain National Park. Theodore Johnson was a good carpenter and so were his sons.

Myrtle and Carl attended school at Lakelet, Crocus and Clanwilliam. Myrtle died at age of 9 years in May, 1914.

Carl farmed with his father and bought the farm known as the Jessie Matheson farm. He and his father were known for their purebred Angus cattle. Carl and his parents sold the farm to Fred Richards and moved to Minnedosa on December 8, 1960. Their home was built by son Johnny. Mrs. Johnson (Annie) passed away May 16, 1970, at the age of 89 years, and Theodore Johnson passed away on September 22, 1974, at the age of 95 years. Carl still lives in Minnedosa. Carl became a painter and painted homes for his brother Johnny of "Redy built Homes".

Tillie, married George Johnson of Holt, Minnesota, in 1928. They have one son, Michael, of Thief River Falls,

Minnesota. George farmed until his death in December of 1968.

Johnny married Gladys Rognan in June of 1940.

Johnny, a contractor, established a business in Min­ nedosa known as "Johnson's Redy Built Homes." His first place of business in 1958, was at the site now owned by the Morris Implements. He then moved his business to the south end of town. It was here he went into manufacturing pews. He retired from business in 1973, bought the Cameron School property and built their home there. They have three children; Curtis of Penhold, Alberta, Claire of Calgary and Carolyn of Minnedosa.

The Theodore Johnson Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Russell, Johnny, Tillie, Ben, Norman. Front Row: Carl, Theodore, Christine, Annie and Florence.

Bennie - Refer to Johnson, Bennie and Inez.

Russell married Marion Foster in June, 1946. They moved from Onanole to Erickson in 1968. Russell is employed as Carpenter Foreman at Riding Mountain National Park (Clear Lake). He has served on the Lutheran Church Council. Marion is a member of the Erickson Lutheran Church Women. Russell and Marion have four children; Linda, Garry, Sharon and Donald. Linda, Garry and Sharon attended Onanole School and Erickson Collegiate. Donald received most of his education at Erickson. Linda married Mervin Harper from Souris and they live in Red Deer, Alberta. They have two children, Cary and Angie. Garry married Linda Wicker from Red Deer and they live in Red Deer. They have two sons; Klinton and Jarett. Sharon worked at Investors Syndicate, Toronto Domion Bank, Capilane Insurance at Calgary and Farm Credit Corp. in Win­ nipeg. Sharon married Kenneth Lofgren from Erickson. (refer to Lofgren, Ernest and Thora). Donald lives in Erickson and works at Riding Mountain National Park. He enjoys curling, fishing, hunting and has played some hockey.

Christine married Albert O'Neill of Onanole in 1942.