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The family were on the move again in 1979 to Alsask, Saskatchewan, for two years and in 1981, they were transferred back to C.F.S. Beausejour where they are presently residing.

Tanya, Kenneth, Krista and Jenny Andrew.


by Joan Metcalfe

Arthur and Joan Metcalfe.

Arthur left England for Canada in 1924. He worked on a farm for one year but was never paid for his work. He then went to Winnipeg and worked for the CNR telegraph as a lineman.

Joan Landels came from Scotland in 1927, and worked in Winnipeg. They were married at St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Winnipeg in 1929. Because of our cold winters, Arthur's type of work was seasonal and was only for a few months per year. On account of this and the depression they left the city and arrived at Whirlpool School District in 1936, with their two children, Marjorie and Harold. They purchased the farm of Cliff Gill, N.E. 3-19-18W and stayed there for five years. Arthur also worked with the telephone company, stringing the first telephone line through the Park, fastening line from tree to tree instead of poles. They sold the Whirlpool property in 1941, and purchased from Peter MacPherson the farm that had been the homestead of Pete Erickson and had been known as the Krantz place, N.E. 28-J8-J8W. At the same time they bought the S.E. 33-J8-J8W from Vic Sanderson.

They had five children; Marjorie, Harold, Joan, Carol and Ron.

Left to Right: Ron, Joan, Joan Sr., Harold, Carol and Marjorie Metcalfe.

Marjorie and Harold attended Whirlpool School until 1941, and then went to Tales school. Marjorie finished her education at Erickson Collegiate. She taught at Reedville School west of Shoal Lake and married Jim Musgrove of Shoal Lake in July, 1948. They have made their Shoal Lake ever since. Jim is Supervisor of Highways at Shoal Lake and Marjorie is Activity Director at the Personal Care Home. They have one girl, Deborah and three boys, Murray, Bradley and Wesley. Deborah married Rick Pislor of Winnipeg, then moved to Victoria, B.C. She is a Nuclear Medicine Technician and he is a University teacher. Murray works for the Manitoba Highways Department at Russell, Manitoba as Sub-foreman. Bradley is at Hinton, Alberta and Wesley is attending college in Brandon, studying Electrical Technology.