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Harold helped his dad on the farm until 1951, then joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He married Doris Schmidt of Vermilion, Alberta, and they -have three boys and one girl. Hal married Kelly Thomson. Barry married Michelle Brown of Calgary. Valerie is attending University of Calgary and Darrel is also attending the University of Calgary.

Joan, the second daughter, attended Tales School and Erickson Collegiate. She taught school east of McCreary and then trained as a nurse at St. Boniface Hospital. She married Ken Nylen and moved to Dryden, Ontario. They had two boys and one girl. Keith married Joy Lapointe of Dryden, Ontario where they now live. Larry works in Winnipeg. Their daughter, Linda, passed away in May, 1982. Joan and Ken have one grandson, Kenneth.

Carol, the youngest daughter, attended Tales school and graduated from Erickson Collegiate. She then graduated from Red River College as a Laboratory Technician and worked at Fernie Hospital in British Columbia. She married Frank Becker and they have one daughter, Michelle.

Ron also went to Tales and Erickson Collegiate. He worked in the Erickson Co-op. Store and then the Co-op store at Gillam, Manitoba. He now works for the Im­ perial Oil Company in Edmonton, Alberta. He attended the University of Alberta at Edmonton and now is a Registered Industrial Accountant. He married Donna Grochmal and they have one girl, Robin Nicole.

Arthur passed away in 1968. Joan now lives at the Parkland Home in Erickson.


by Irene Wright

Anton Miller was born in Denmark in 1877, the son of Peder Miller who came to Canada in approximately 1890 and settled in the Danvers district. He, along with several other early settlers to the district, cleared their land with oxen and strove to make homes for their families. A small log church was built and Peder Miller was the lay minister for the little Lutheran Congregation. Mr. Miller passed away shortly after bringing his wife Maria and daughters, Ellen and Laura, out from Denmark. Mrs. Miller later married Pete Erickson. She passed away in Erickson in 1931.

Anton came to Canada in early 1900 and took up homesteading on N.W. 27-18-18W north of Danvers. He cleared the land and built a log house for his future wife Maria Christenson who was later to join him in Canada. Maria came to Canada from Denmark in 1908 and worked in Minnedosa until she and Anton were married in 1910.

They had three children, one son, Ejner, born in 1913 and two daughters, Mary, born in 1918 and Irene, born in 1923.

Ejner, Mary and Irene attended Tales School and the Lutheran Church in Danvers. There are many fond memories of School Concerts and Church suppers, as we were growing up.

We lived in the log house Dad built until 1934, when a fire destroyed our home. It is at times like this that one


The Anton Miller Family. Left to Right: Mary, Anton, Ejner, Maria and Irene.

finds out how kind the friends and neighbours are. Box Socials were held to raise money to help out the building of the new house. Since it was during the depression years money was scarce, but it wasn't long before a house had been built, thanks to kind people in the district.

Mother and Dad lived on the farm until Dad passed away in January, 1947. It was then that Mother sold the farm and moved to Oak Point to be with Mary. She also spent two years at the Coast with Irene. Mother passed away in Erickson. in September of 1950.

Ejner was the first to leave home. He moved to Richmond, B.C., in 1936. Mary moved to Winnipeg in 1938 and Irene joined her in 1939. Irene later moved to

B.C. in 1943. -

Ejner married Edith Thompson of Richmond in 1945 and they have two sons. David is married to Tina Rienks of Richmond and they have a daughter, Candice who lives in Kelowna, B.C. Dan is married to Kathy Dormer of Richmond and they have two daughters, Julia and Angela.

Mary married Angus Andrew of Winnipeg in 1944 and they moved to Oak point where Angus passed away in 1956. They had no children. Mary later moved to the Coast to be with Ejner and Irene. She passed away in 1964.

Irene married Jack Wright of Richmond in 1947. They have one son Robert, who is married to Sandra Allenby of Richmond. They have two sons, Jeffrey and Kenneth.

There have been many changes around the Danvers district over the years. Water taps replaced the water pails, hydro instead of the coal oil lamps, are just some of the few changes. It is still a pleasure to return to the old hometown of Erickson every few years and visit with old friends.

Like well- worn pages in some cherished book,

Old friendships grow more precious with the years, Like pages long turned yellow with the time,

Old Mem 'ries are so often stained with tears.