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submitted by Elvie Hutton

Charles Miller, brother of Henry Miller and Alma Olson, had come to the Erickson area from U.S.A. In 1916, he married Nora Carlson, daughter of Olaf and Nora Carlson, who had come from Sweden as a child. They settled into their home on First St. S. in Erickson, the house built by Ed Londry and for many years owned by G. Freko. Folks recall that the night the cheriveri gang visited Charlie and Nora to serenade the newlyweds, they then turned next door and paid another pair of newlyweds, Ludwig and Nellie Gusdal, the same kind of visit. Charlie operated an implement agency. On October 18, 1917, their daughter, Elvie, was born in Lady Minto Hospital. In 1919 the family moved to Winnipeg for one year.

As most of Nora's family was residing in Texas at this time, they moved there in 1920, settling in Beaumont. In the winter of 1921, Charlie was stricken with typhoid fever and passed away. Three weeks later their son, Carl Oloj, was born. As Nora's parents were moving to Chicago to join their son Edward, Nora went with them. She later obtained work as a housekeeper in Alta., Iowa, so she could keep her children with her. In time she married her employer, Nels C. Swanson, and they had one son, Nels Wesley.

Carl enlisted in the U.S. Military forces in the second World War and was killed in action in the Philippines in December 1944. Nels died in 1963 and Nora in 1971 and both are buried in Renville, Minnesota. Wesley passed away in 1977 at the age of fifty-one years.

As a young woman Elvie came to her Aunt Olga (Mrs.

Gotfrid Johnson) in Wasagaming and worked for them in their Lodge. There she met and then married Peter Wallace (Wally) Hutton in September, 1937. He was employed by the park and they lived in Onanole until his death in March, 1962. He is buried in Minnedosa. Elvie later moved to Brandon where she still resides. They had four children:

Eleanor Alice married Lyle Harrison and they reside in Picture Butte, Alberta. They have three children.

Helen Carolyn trained as a nurse in St. Boniface Hospital and is now living in Woodridge, Ontario. She is the head of one area of the Toronto Board of Health.

Shirley Jean resides in Winnipeg where she has been employed by Hudson Bay North Stores fOJ about eighteen years.

Ronald Carllives in Penticton, B.C. He married Linda Lambkin, but they have separated. They adopted a boy, Christopher Shawn.


by Viola Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller (Mary Swanberg) were born at Swede Lake, (close to the larger town of Watertown) Minnesota. Henry's birth date was June 15, 1871. Mary was born January 6, 1873. They were married in Watertown, Minnesota November 29, 1893, and farmed in the Swede Lake district until they moved to

The Henry Miller Family - 1916. Linus, Wyman, Henry and Mary. Other couple unidentified.

Canada and to the Scandinavia area in the spring of 1904. With them came their two young sons Edgar and Wyman. A baby sister Hazel, born in 1903, died early in 1904, aged one year, and is buried in the Watertown Cemetery.

Other family members who travelled to this new land were Henry's sister Alma, who later married Mr. Christian A. Olsen, and a brother Carl Miller. A friend, Mr. Adolph Tilley, also travelled north with them. They came via rail service with their personal and household effects from Watertown to Winnipeg and then west from Winnipeg to Minnedosa, Manitoba. From here they travelled to Scandinavia by horse and wagon, as the railroad did not come into Erickson until the following year 1905.

During the first year they lived on the Swanberg farm, north and east of Erickson, in the Scandinavia district. This farm is now owned and operated by Billy and Nancy Wick dahl and their son Kenneth. Later they moved to a farm bordering the east shore of Otter Lake, then owned by Mr. Olaf Benson. It was here that their third son Linus Wallace was born on March 4, 1906. Another little girl was born later but died in infancy and is buried in the little Bethania cemetery in Danvers.

An interesting notation regarding the ancestors of the Miller family is worthy of mention. This family came by ship to North America from Sweden in 1852, disem­ barking at Boston, Massachusetts, from here they travel­ led to Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania. It was while they lived in Pennsylvania that they changed their name from Johannes Anderson to Miller. Perhaps there were too many Andersons or perhaps the head of the family was a "miller" by trade.

The family moved from Pennsylvania via ox-cart to the Carver county in Minnesota in 1857. They pioneered in the Swede Lake district, taking out "Homestead" rights. Carl August, son of Johannes Miller, married Anna Mathilda Haraldson in 1870. Anna Mathilda was .an ancestor of Arthur Haralson of Erickson.

About 1906, the Henry Millers moved to the farm east of Erickson where the Neilson airport is now located. A couple of years later Henry and Mary built and operated