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my back started giving me problems. I was rushed to the Minnedosa Hospital and after that I couldn't work for a year. I also went to S1. Joseph's Hospital in Winnipeg for treatments.

In 1955, I started working with Angus Madill of Erickson at Clear Lake and Erickson for fifteen years. While working with Angus, we also built an addition to the Erickson Hospital.

We bought three lots from Mrs. Tony Philipation and built a new home in the fall of 1959 at Rackham.

Starting in 1960, I worked for the summer months for Ernie Gusdal of Clear Lake (Johnson's Cabins). My wife also worked during this time cleaning cabins for Ernie.

We are members of the St. John's Ukrainian Catholic church at Rackham and have served on the church committee. I looked after the Rackham cemetery for five years. To raise money to build our church at Rackham, we used to put on Ukrainian concerts led by Mr. Stan Bilyk (former Rackham teacher). We also went carolling for many years with our carolling group. Most of this time, we'd walk out to the farms as no one had cars at that time. In 1966, I won a one-week trip to New York by answering a skill testing quiz from the Coca-cola contest sponsored from Dauphin, Manitoba.

Mike Moroz Family. Jessie, Kevin, Sylvia, Michel, Edward Pastershank and Mike.

Our daughter, Sylvia Ann, married Edward James Pastershank of Elphinstone, Manitoba October 7, 1961. They were married at the Rackham St. John's Ukrainian Catholic Church. The reception was held at the Sandy Lake Community Hall. They are farming in the Sandy Lake area. They have two children; a son Kevin attending Assiniboine College in Brandon and a daughter, Michele attending high school at Erickson.

Due to poor health, I retired in 1975, and we moved to Erickson (former Taylor home) May 31, 1980.


by Les Synchyshyn

Nikolaus Motoz was four years old when he came to Canada in 1904. He lived in the Kerrs Lake area for many years. Nickolaus married Justine Makowaychuk at S1. Marys Church, Mountain Road on August 10, 1924.

The Motoz family moved to Clanwilliam, setting up a Cafe and Confectionery business in the Village with daughter Pearl as manageress. From this marriage there were seven children, Ann, Mary, Margaret, Pearl, John, Elsie and Chris. Nickolaus passed away in 1971. His wife Justine lives in Minnedosa.

The Nikolaus Motuz Family.


by Gertie Mutter

Herman and Gertrude (formerly Gertrude Weiske from Dryden, Ontario) moved with their children to the R.M. of Clanwilliam in 1933 from Forget, Saskatchewan (near Estevan) and eventually settleOoii their farm S.W. 1-18-18W.

We decided we had to move from Forget as we were dried out from no rain. In preparation for our trip, we prepared two wagons; one which was half covered and housed thecookstove, cream separator, table and bed. The other wagon had a three horse team and was loaded with machinery and household goods. Trailing behind were our eight cows with three calves born enroute. For food on the way, we milked the cows, separated the milk and with the cream made butter. We also made our own bread and had along a barrel of salted beef in brine. We also had a crate of hens which gave us a few eggs to eat.

We started off at the end of April with Victor, seven years old, riding the shetland pony bringing up the rear. We also had two other families travelling with us. We would stop along the way at farms to water our stock but found that they were not willing to share water as water was scarce and with the three families there were a lot of animals. So we decided we had to separate and go on our