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own. From there we found no problem watering our stock and sometimes we traded eggs and butter with the farmers for other food stuff. It took us a month to go three hundred miles.

We finally arrived in Erickson the first part of June. At first we lived in the Norland District for three years and boarded a teacher for $12.00 a month.

Herman was a Pool Director for three years, a Trustee of Otter Lake School and he was also a counsellor for the R.M. of Clanwilliam for twelve years. For many years Herman played a violin in an orchestra which was eventually called the "Melody Aces". The family is also members of the Erickson Lutheran Church.

Herman and Gertrude have two children:

Victor: Born December 4, 1926, in Dryden, Ontario.

He works at the Erickson Co-op Service Centre. He played the banjo quite a few years with the Melody Aces. Victor married Audrey Holmstrom from Onanole in 1951. They had five children: Richard - attended Erickson Collegiate and he works in Minnedosa at Morris Rod Weeder. Brian - attended school in Erickson and has spent the past five years in Winnipeg working in a fur­ niture factory. Linda - attended school in Eickson and married John Yacyshen. They live in Winnipeg and have two children, Robin and Colleen. Lou Ann - also at­ tended school in Erickson and is now working in Win­ nipeg for the Winnipeg Sun. Kenneth - was accidentally killed in a gravel pit slide at the age of five. He is buried in Erickson Municipal Cemetery.

Gordon: Born October 12, 1930. He married Isabelle Challborn in 1950. They then moved to California. Gordon was in the American Army for three years spending some time in Germany. He was a building contractor and now resides near Santa Barbara, California. They have three children: Ricki - married Phil Pritchard and they have two children, Amy and Michael. Wendy - married Keith Brown and they also have two children, Ericka and Lisal. Susan - graduated from San Luis Obispo University in 1982 with a diploma in Business Administration.


by Irma Naslund

Mr. and Mrs. John Eric Naslund emigrated from Kramjors, Sweden, in 1890, settling in the Scandinavia district, with their two children, a son Alfred Rupert, age eleven at the time of arrival in Canada, and a daughter Beda, who later married Hans Hemmingson.

In 1912, Alfred Rupert Naslund was married to Gerda Wilhelmina Johnson, daughter of Per (Peter) and Elizabeth Johnson, who had also emigrated from Sweden, from Skinskatteberg, at about the same time.

Family: Ruby Elizabeth, who married William Me­ Farlane from Clanwilliam, and now lives in Winnipeg. Pearl Isabel/a, who lived in Winnipeg to the time of her death, in Dec. 1980.

Norman Rupert, who married Grace Dye, from


Scotland, and who lived in Maple Ridge, B. c., to the time of his death,Feb. 1983.

Irma Cecelia, who lives in Winnipeg.

The family were members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, and' were active in various aspects of that congregation. They operated a small mixed farming operation, augmenting the income by cutting and selling wood and logs to farmers around Minnedosa and Clanwilliam. They owned the only shingle mill in the district, which 'was run pretty well as a family project. The family home burned to the ground on a Halloween night in 1932 or 33, after which Dad proceeded to rebuild, using lumber made from trees on the farm and shingles cut from trees on the farm also. However before the house was completely finished, he died in 1939.

Family of Ruby (Naslund) McFarlane:

Raymond McFarlane, Winnipeg James McFarlane, Winnipeg

Margery Butel, Fort Qu 'Appelle, Sask.

Arthur McFarlane, died at Winnipeg in Oct., 1979 Eleanor Dagg, Winnipeg

Earl McFarlane, died at Winnipeg in Oct., 1979

Gordon McFarlane, Canadian Forces, Dartmouth, N.S. Wayne McFarlane, Canadian Forces, Winnipeg Dorothy Dorey, Winnipeg

Catherine Delmarque, Winnipeg


by Martha Peterson

John was born in the Scandinavia district in 1896, and was educated in the Minnedosa District. He married Mary Gudbranson of the Hilltop district on December 30, 1915. Mary was born February 10, 1895, and was adopted by Peter and Martha Nyquist in 1898. John and Mary lived in the Smoland district for 22 years. In 1937, they and their eight children moved to the Nyquist homestead S.W. 19-17-17W where they farmed until John's death on January 12, 1961. Mary remained on the farm until 1968, when she moved to Courtenay, B.C. She lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Thelma and Gus Abel until her death on May 10, 1979. John and Mary's eight children are:

Johnny left home to work in Port Arthur, Ontario. In 1942, he joined the Armed Forces in the Second World War. In 1949, Johnny married and they have made their home in Courtenay, B.C.

Martha married Walter Peterson of the Smoland District in 1938, built a new home on S.W. 13-17-18W and resided there for 32 years. During this time Walter farmed, trapped, trucked for Peterson farms and neighboring farmers. In 1970, Walter and Martha moved to British Columbia spending some time with daughter Debbie and son-in-law Loyd, in Victoria. They now reside at Courtenay, B.C. They have two daughters and one son:

Yvonne, born February 18, 1938, at Erickson, at­ tended Hilltop School and married Murray Johnson.