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Henry Turner on May 5, 1945. Victor was born May 15, 1917, and they have farmed in the Neepawa area and raising their five children.

Prudence Gail, born March 14, 1946, married Robert Wasicuna in 1969, now divorced. Their children are, Robin Darin, born September 18, 1969, and Rodney Warren, born August 28, 1971. Prudence married Barry Wayne Mosher, and have a son Brent Wayne Mosher, born October 10, 1980.

Richard Wade, born March 20, 1947, married Faye Redlin on June 17, 1972. Faye was born February 15, 1952. They have two children, Trigg James, born November 1, 1976, and Holly Marie, born August 31, 1978.

Robert George, born January 20, 1948, married Maureen Joy Topolinski, born December 5, 1949. Their three childen are, Sherlynn Lea, born February 4, 1967, Tarralen, born March 29, 1969, and Christopher Colin, born November 22, 1971. The family reside on a farm in the Neepawa area.

William Dale, born March 23, 1950, married Brenda Thorkelson, June 30, 1970. Their two childen are, Michelle Dawn, born September 1, 1972, and Michael, born August 11, 1974. They divorced and Dale married Doreen Maureen Antonenko on October 17, 1980. Doris, born December 17, 1959. They have a daughter Jocelyn Julia Anne born June 30, 1982.

Victor Thomas, born April 14, 1952, married Marianne Kuharski, reside at Watrous, Saskatchewan, with their two children, Dusty Dawn, born May 6, 1978, and Kelly Lynne, born September 18, 1979.


by Martha Peterson

Peter Nykvist was born in Eksharad, Varmland, Sweden, on September 12, 1862. He met Martha Stolt in Sundsvall and married there in 1892. The following year they moved to Canada, stopping first in Winnipeg, and then to a homestead in Hilltop in 1894, S.W. 19-17-17W. After a lengthy illness, Peter died on March 30, 1920, and was buried at the Swedish Baptist Cemetery, Hilltop, Manitoba, on Good Friday, April 2nd. Martha per­ formed the duties of a midwife for many years in the Hilltop and surrounding districts. She passed away and was buried beside her husband in the Baptist Cemetery.


by Emma Fardoe

Axel Nyquist was born in Bracke, Jamtland, Sweden, on July 24/1884, and came to Canada in April 1903 with his sister Amanda (Mrs. Charlie Oberg) followed by his sister Hilda (Mrs. Sundberg), in May 1904 and his Mother Ingeborg and sister Anna (Mrs. Berquist) in July 1905.

After residing on various locations in the district, he lived on N.E. 17-17-17W which he sold to Anders Petter Jansson in the spring of 1911. Axel Nyquist and his

lngeborg Nyquist

lngeborg Nyquist Family. Left to Right: Hilda, Amanda, Axel and Anna.

Mother built the house on that farmstead.

On March 27/1913, Axel Nyquist married Ester Karolina Koping, youngest daughter of Eric and Wilhemina Koping, who had arrived from Kramfors, Sweden in 1893 when Ester was 3 years old.

After residing on various farms, in 1919 they settled on S.E. 30-17-17W which was originally "(The Waistrom Place)". They then moved to the Andrew Edwardson farm N.W. 20-17-17W which Mr. Edwardson had purchased for $10.00 from the Government. Mr. Nyquist sold the farm to his daughter Anna Wark who still resides there.

Mr. and Mrs. Nyquist raised a large family of girls.

They had seven daughters 4 of whom still survive.

The four oldest daughters were Anna, Hilma, Ivy and Edna. When Mr. and Mrs. Nyquist knew they were expecting a family again Mr. Nyquist was elated - this time maybe he would get a son.

On Sept 13/1923 Mrs. Nyquist shocked the Hilltop Community by giving birth to triplets, not sons, but three rnore girls. Mrs. Peter Nyquist (wife of Peter Nyquist