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who was Axel Nyquist's uncle) was midwife and helped with the delivery of the triplets and the attending doctor was Dr. Rutledge. When it became knowledge that it was going to be a multiple birth the first one to be born was a girl. Mr. Nyquist said to Dr. Rutledge, "Maybe I'll get my boy yet". When the Dr. came down the stairs and said "Mr. Nyquist there are two more girls", Mr. Nyquist sat down and slapped his knees and uttered, "three more girls".

The three girls were named Eva, who weighed 4 lbs, Lillie who weighed 3 1/2 and Emma who weighed 3 lbs.

Eva lived for two days, Lillie and Emma survived and were known as the Twins and were so alike that no one could tell them apart. As they grew up they were real tomboys and helped father with the chores etc. What had been a disappointment to Mr. Nyquist was a joy, the Twins took the place of the awaited son.

Triplets: Lillie, and Emma, Eva deceased.

The other four girls were Anna born Dec 25/1913 who married Mac Wark who passed away Dec 29/1978. They had 3 children Kenneth, Olive and Joan. Ken was born Dec 3/37, he married Shirley Hay and live at Lake Audy. They have two daughters and one son. Blair was born Jan/62, Kim was born May/64, and Wanda was born Octl63.

Olive was born July 4142. She married Earl Hay who was killed in an industrial accident in 1967. She later married Keith Robertson and resides at Griswold. Olive had a son and a daughter with the first marriage. Curtis was born Aug I 1960 and Wendy born Dec/63.

Joan was born Oct 13/53, she married Dave Koroscil and resides in Winnipeg. They have 4 children 3 boys and 1 girl. Jason was born Augl73, Johnathon was born May 177, Deanna was born Feb 1/81 and Timothy was


Axel Nyquist Family. Axel with Edna and Ivy on lap. Standing: Ester. Front: Anna and Hilma.

born Sept 21/82.

Hilma was "born Dec 26/1914, she married Russell Birch, who passed away in Dec/1980. Hilma resides in Brandon.

Ivy was born Sept 9/1917, she passed away Septl1936. Edna was born March 111919. She married Herbert Magnell and had one daughter Valerie, born Sept 24/1953. She married Terry Sykes and lives near Shilo. They have one girl and one boy. Chad was born March 29/1977 and Jacqueline was born Sept 18/1980.

Eva (triplet) was born Sept 1311923 lived for 2 days. Lillie (triplet) was born Sept 13/1923. She married Hayden Broomhall and had three children, Beverley was born July 22/47, Brian was born Nov 20/48 and Barry was born Jan 25152. Lillie passed away in 1953 from polio. Beverley and Barry were raised by an Aunt and Uncle, Russell and Hilma Birch and Brian was raised by an Aunt and Uncle, Russell and Emma Fardoe.

Beverley married Mark Peterson and lives at Dauphin.

They have two children one boy and one girl. Kraig was born March 18175 and Kristen was born Sept 8/80. --Barry resides in Winnipeg.

Brian married Carol Fleetham and resides in Calgary.

He has four children Timmy and Cheryl (twins) were born May 168. Brandie was born Sept 15178 and Leanne was born July 11/80.

Emma (triplet) was born Sept 1311923, she married Russel Fardoe and has two children, one boy and one girl. Ronald was born Feb 22/1959 and Ronaele was born July 25/62. They reside in Brandon.

Mr. Nyquist was a councillor for many years and also served on the school board.

Community activities revolved around the Baptist Church and the school in the Community. Visiting their neighbours in the winter time was one of the ways of passing the time during the long winter evenings. Mode