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in the 1960's, Ernest and Wilbert lacobson, and Ernest Ullberg purchased the business. Later Wilbert and son Brent purchased the Ernest Ullberg share.

The small one ton trucks of yester year progressed into the present day eighteen wheeler semi-tractor trailer serving the area.

Second Erickson Transfer - 1947 built, owned and operated by Albin E. Gustafson.


by Tom Mochnacz

The Royal Bank at Erickson was opened on August 8, 1919. Mr. E.M. O'Donnel was acting manager. The total staff was two. On lanuary 26, 1920, Mr. T.E. Squires was appointed manager and held this position until December 31, 1925.

First Royal Bank.


The original bank was situated on main street where Mary Skatch's Cafe is today. The original building is still sitting at the back lane. Later the bank moved to larger premises on the lot east of the old Post Office, which once was Sam Wing's Cafe. On December 31, 1925 this branch was closed and moved to Clan william , Manitoba.

On September 3, 1946 the bank was moved back to Erickson and reopened on the north side of main street. A new building was built by Gordon Freko, now Piett Insurance. Before the new building was ready, business was carried on in the small original bank building under the management of Alex Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson was followed by 1.1. Resch 1947-1951, 1.M. Cook 1951-1952, S.O. Goodman 1952-1961, T. Bertram 1961-1971.

Second Royal Bank building changed into a Ski-doo Sports Centre.

A sub-branch at Wasagaming operated from 1969 to 1980.

In 1970, another move was made to new modern premises on the south side of main street. In 1971,0.1.

Third and present Royal Bank.