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by Isabell Anderson

Gustav immigrated to Canada from Kramfors, Vestermanland, Sweden, and arrived in the Hilltop area in July, 1891. He filed for a homestead N.E. 20-17-17W on July 6, 1982, and received the title on July 30, 1897. Gustav helped Edward Hanson lay corduroy roads with the aid of a yoke of oxen.

In December 1891, Gustav brought his wife Anna Maria, nee Peterson, and children from Sweden. They farmed for many years, then moved to Erickson and purchased a home where the present Royal Bank is situated. Anna took boarders into their home, carded and spun wool and had a big loom for weaving rugs.

Gustav later built another home on First Street South situated where John and Dorothy Geletchuk now reside where they spent their remaining years. Anna passed away February 28, 1937, and Gustav on January 31, 1943.

Gustav and Anna were blessed with six children:

Eric "Oscar" was born in Sweden and after coming to Canada, he took out a homestead applied April 17, 1902, on the N. W. 28-18-17W, received the title December 2,

1905. He married Freda Sundmark and they had one son, Herbert, who married Myrtle Holmstrom. Oscar died accidentally in 1916 at the age of 34 and is buried in Hilltop cemetery. Freda later married John O. Carlson. (refer to Carlson, John and Freda).

Anna was born in Sweden and came to Canada where she attended Hilltop school. She married Pete Porter of Minnedosa in 1906, and the couple had one daughter, Elsie, born July 3, 1908. Anna passed away on January 17, 1911. Pete later married Anna's sister. Elsie went to live with her Grandma and Grandpa Ostrom. She married Clinton Hawes and they had two sons, Wayne and Darryl. After Clinton's death, Elsie married Ralph Greenbarry and they live in Vancouver.

Freda came from Sweden in 1891, and attended school at Hilltop. Freda married Pete Porter. She passed away May 16, 1957. Pete has since passed away. Pete and Freda had two children: Lorna married Robert Watt and they had two children, Craig and Glen. Marcell married Reta Hartley and they had six children. Marcell passed away in 1963.

Fred. (refer to Ostrom, Fred and Jane).

John was born in Sweden and came to Canada with his parents in 1891. He attended Hilltop school and later

The Gustav Ostrom Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Freda, John, Fred, Oscar, Annie. Seated: Anna Maria, Jennie and Gustav.