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After two years of farming the half section, and having built a repair shop on the farm, Ron went to work at the Co-op Service Station at Minnedosa, Manitoba, and then accepted a position at the Co-op Service Station in Erickson. One winter they cut down hundreds of spruce trees from their bush and had them sawed into lumber.

In 1970, Beryl took up a career outside the home, and started working at the Erickson Collegiate Institute as a secretary until moving to Franklin, Manitoba in 1972. They sold the home quarter to Jewel Thoren and the other one to John Carlson.

Ron and Beryl bought Ron's Aunt Fleda White's farm, three quarters in all and here they still reside on N.E. 1- 15-17W in a huge brick house. Quite a change from the little house at Erickson.

On April 21, 1977, they bought N.E. 25-15-17W from Ron's dad at Bethany, which is just north of them.

Eventually both Ron and Beryl went back to work to supplement the farm income. On June 6, 1975, she started work at the Minnedosa and District Hospital, Minnedosa, Manitoba as a Receptionist/Clerk where she is still working. Ron was employed at Streetor Power Sales and Service in the spring of 1976 and has continued as Shop Foreman under the new owners, Agassiz Agricentre, of Neepawa, since February, 1981.

In the last 30 years, they have been involved in various organizations that keep communities alive, and the work still goes on. Ron was President of the Neepawa Whirlaways Square Dance Club in Neepawa for a term, President of Franklin Pool Elevators and is now President of the Franklin Community Hall.

During the years Beryl has been secretary of several organizations, one being Secretary for the Minnedosa District Health Auxiliary for three years. She just completed a two year term as President of the Minnedosa District Health Auxiliary, served as President of the Franklin Community Ladies Auxiliary, also belonging to the Bethany Health Aide and the Franklin U.C.W.

Their boys have all belonged to the Scout Movement and the girls belonged to the Guide Movement.

Their children:

James William Ronald, born June 14, 1954, in Vegreville, Alberta, and took his elementary and secondary education in Basswood and Erickson. He was active in all school sports. Upon completion of Grade XII in 1972, Jim was awarded the highest Academic standing, three Rolling River division medals for proficiency, and Athlete of the year. He participated in "Reach for the Top" for two years.

He graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1977, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and was awarded a $6000 scholarship towards his Masters. He also was given the male Athlete award in the Engineering Class. Jim has been employed by General Motors as a Mechanical Engineer at Oshawa and has since been promoted to Senior Engineer at the Auto Assembly Division, Detroit Michigan. He lives in Windsor, On­ tario. On May 29, 1982, Jim married Sally Anne Sykes of Oshawa, Ontario. Sally, a Computor Analyst, works at the GM plant also. Jim still enjoys all sports, sings and plays the guitar, and writes some songs and puts them to music.


Robert AI, born September 21, 1955, in Vegreville, Alberta, took his schooling in Basswood, Erickson and Neepawa. He received the W.1. award for the most deserving Grade XI student at Erickson in 1972, and the same year participated in "Reach for the Top". Being a lover of horses he participated successfully in the Erickson rodeos. In 1973, he was given First Honorable mention for an entry in the Canada Permanent Trust student writing contest. That same year Bob placed third in the Junior Olympic Provincial championship in Wrestling, and was a member of the Varsity Wrestling Team of the University of Manitoba.

On August 21, 1976, Bob married Olive Marguerite Marie Ricard of St. Claude. Her parents are Joe and Marie Ricard. Bob and Olive lived at La Broquerie, Manitoba for one year where Olive had secured a teaching position and Bob commuted to Winnipeg to complete University. He graduated from the University of Manitoba in May, 1977, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and received a 25 point award for athletics.

Upon graduation, Bob was employed by Schlumberger of Canada, and worked out of Red Deer, Alberta, working mostly in the Arctic and Beaufort Sea. At present he is employed by Schlumberger Well Services, Houston, Texas. Bob is now promoted from General field Engineer to a Development Engineer for Per­ forating Engineering, a position usually held by those who have received their Ph.D. Bob enjoys hunting with gun and bow and arrow. He is a Licensed Class A Guide in Alberta. Bob and Olive have one daughter, Roseanne Lynne, born May 3, 1981, weighing 7lbs. and 2 oz.

Darcy Charles, born October 18, 1956, in Vegreville, Alberta. He received his elementary and secondary education in Basswood, Erickson and Neepawa. He toured Southern England in March of 1973, along with a group of N.A.C.1. students. The trip was funded by the students themselves.

Darcy placed 4th in the provincial wrestling in Win­ nipeg in 1973, and then became involved in Judo. He was winner in his weight class at the Mid West Judo Championship held in May and also October of 1978 at the University of Manitoba. Darcy placed 4th in the Regina Open House Tournament in the same year. He was awarded the trophy for Best Technique and Sport­ smanship in a Brandon competition, November 25, 1978. He also won 1st in his weight class in that competition. On March 24, 1979, Darcy was a second year champion in his weight class at the Manitoba Provincial Judo Championship held at the University of Winnipeg. The following March, he won his weight class at the Provincial Tournament at the U. of M. in Winnipeg. Darcy has earned his blue belt in Judo and is presently instructing at the Brandon Y.M.C.A. for youth and adult classes.

He married Deborah Lee House of Dauphin on July 14, 1979, at the United Church, Dauphin, Manitoba. Debbie is the daughter of Harvey Dale House and Irene Agnes House of Dauphin. In February, 1981, Darcy received his Licensed Qualified Heavy Duty Mechanic Diploma with an inter-provincial average of 94.8070.

Darcy works for Western Star Freightliner, Brandon, Manitoba, and Debbie is teaching at Rivers elementary