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where she has been since 1979. They are living in Brandon, Manitoba. On March 16, 1983, their first child, Jeffrey Charles, arrived weighing 8 lbs. and 5 oz.

Heather Rose Mary, born May 19, 1958, in Vegreville, Alberta. She took her elementary education at Erickson, and all secondary education in Neepawa. Heather's main interest was athletics and she won several awards throughout her school years in both Erickson and Neepawa. Heather graduated in 1976, and was given the Special Staff Award for her contribution both to her school and her fellow students and teachers. She also received a major academic award.

In 1977, Heather travelled extensively in Europe before entering the University of Manitoba. She was accepted into the Faculty of Medical Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy in 1979. Heather will graduate in May, 1983.

On July 4, 1981, Heather married Eric Anthony Howdle of Dauphin. Eric is the son of William Mark and Lillian May Howdle of Dauphin. Eric graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1981, and presently has a teaching position in Winnipeg.

Eric and Heather have recently had their first child, a son named Eric Ronald William, born at 0201 hours, December 20, 1982, weighing 7lbs. and 11 oz.

Murray Glenn, born May 7, 1959, and was the first Manitoba baby born in the Minnedosa District Hospital. Murray's first five years were spent in Basswood. Bet­ ween the ages of five and thirteen years he lived in Erickson, going to Erickson Elementary School. He started Grade VIII in Neepawa Area Collegiate and graduated in the year 1977. Between the ages of 18 and 22 years he worked across Manitoba and attended Brandon University. Murray began and is presently teaching at the Hazel M. Kellington School, Neepawa, Manitoba.

Accomplishments have been:

Bronze medal in Provincial Wrestling, April, 1976, in the Manitoba Olympic Championships. Gold Medal in the U. of M. Invitational Judo Championships in January, 1977. Gold medal in the Mid West Judo Championships in May, 1978. Gold Medal in the Provincial Judo Championships in Winnipeg at the

. University of Manitoba in 1978. Gold medal in the Manitoba Provincial Championships in 1979. Received a Physics Award at the Brandon University, in 1980. Received his Bachelor of General Studies diploma from the University of Brandon, May, 1981. Murray has worked at many gas stations and garages, also for Children's Aid Society, Manitoba Probation, R.C.M.P., Provincial Parks Patrol, which provided an income for his education.

Murray married Kerry Leigh Ritchie, July 3, 1982, who was a Registered Nurse at the Brandon General Hospital, Brandon. She is the daughter of Walter James and Elizabeth Dorothy Ritchie of Neepawa, Manitoba. Murray and Kerry have a son, Ronald Murray, born April23, 1983.

Gerald Edward Burl, born July 28, 1961, at the Minnedosa District Hospital, while the family were residents of Basswood, Manitoba. Gerald received his education at Erickson and Neepawa. He received a minor merit award presented to students with a minimum of 45 merit points the year he graduated in 1979. Gerald played

The Ronald Parrott Family - 1953. Left to Right: Gerald, Murray, Marjorie, James, Beryl, Ronald, Robert, Heather and Darcy.

baritone and tuba in the Lion's Band in Neepawa for five years. They went on playing trips to Florida, Calgary, and Minneapolis. He also was part of the Westman Band that played during the Winter Games in February, 1979.

Gerald won third in his weight class in the University of Manitoba Invitational Judo Tournament in January, 1977. In 1974, he broke the record for the Primary Discus with 19.39 meters at the Neepawa Jr. High Track Meet.

In 1975, he was given the Leonard Martin trophy for being the most sportsmanlike player of the year of his hockey team. In the fall of 1980, he attended the Baptist Leadership Training school in Calgary, graduating on April 12, 1981. While attending this school, he joined a five member group called "In His Image" touring Western Canada stopping at Dauphin and Neepawa in Manitoba. Rosemary Cassells was also a graduate of N.A.C.1. and in 1981, B.L.T.S.

On September 5, 1981, Gerald married Esther Rosemary daughter of Rev. Samuel Herbert and Tommye Jean Cassells of Neepawa. Immediately after marriage they worked for the next seven months at a girls' group home in Dauphin where Rosemary had been working for the summer months. In the summer of 1981, Gerald worked on Park Patrol at Spruce Woods Park at Carberry.

In the summer of 1982, from May to the end of July, the group 'In His Image' expanded to include Rosemary, Gerald's new bride. They toured all across Canada stopping at Winnipeg and Neepawa in Manitoba. In the fall of 1982, Gerald enrolled at Winnipeg Bible College in the Bachelor of Arts program, majoring in psychology, and Rosemary is a part-time student and does piece typing in her own home. They will both be working at the girls' group home for the summer '83, and back to Winnipeg Bible College in the fall.

Gerald and Rose's main interests are singing, skiing, taking long walks and various degrees of church in­ volvement. Gerald plays the guitar and Rosemary the flute.

Marjorie Beryl, born November 17, 1964, in the Minnedosa District Hospital while the family were living on S.W. 34-18-18W in the R.M. of Clanwilliam. She is