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by The/rna, Sadie, Frank, Ivan and Orville Robinson

Joseph Isiah, son of William James and Margaret Anne Robinson, nee Cooper, was born August 24, 1874. In 1888, he came with his parents, brothers and sisters to Manitoba from Mono Miles, Ontario.

They first settled in the Glendale district, then moved to Neepawa. On January 5, 1916, Joseph married Burnette Elizabeth Hutton in Neepawa. Burnette was born March 5, 1894, at Bethany, the daughter of William Ghaits, and Margaret Jane Hutton, nee Porter.

Joseph and Burnette farmed in the Bethany district for fifteen years. In the Spring of 1931, they purchased E. 22- 18-17W in the Norland district where they and their five children Colin, Sadie, Frank, Ivan and Ross moved to. Their home was on S.E. 22-18-17W where another three children Jean, Carl and Thelma were born.

Joseph was employed as a Park Ranger for four years.

In 1935, he and his son Colin then nineteen years of age built a sawmill which was in operation until 1966. This operation kept the family busy including Burnette who always had extra men to feed from the mill. Later she boarded school teachers and served as a Trustee for the Norland school.

Joseph passed away September 21, 1954, and Burnette passed away May 29, 1961. They are buried at the Riverside cemetery, Neepawa, Manitoba.

Joseph and Burnette's nine children are:

Colin, born December 17, 1916 in the Bethany district where he attended school. In 1935, he and his father Joseph built and operated a sawmill on the farm. On July 28, 1943, Colin married Evelyn Baskerville, born May 21, 1925, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Baskerville of the Franklin district. Colin, Evelyn and family made their home at Riding Mountain, Manitoba where Colin owned and operated a sawmill until 1966. In 1967, the family moved to British Columbia, where Colin owned and

Joe Robinson and "Billy".

operated Robinson Machine Works and Welding at Merritt, B.C. Colin and Evelyn are now retired, residing at Merritt, B.C. Their four children are: Orville, born March 19, 1944 at Mrs. Biczo's in Erickson. While staying with grandparents, he attended Norland school and later moved to British Columbia. On August 16, 1968, Orville married Jayne Diane Clarkston of Merritt, B.C. Jayne was born August 6, 1950, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Art Clarkston. They have a small parcel of land on S.E. 15-18-17W, and Orville is employed by Ken Beatty Construction. Jayne is a 4-H Handicraft leader and a member of the Erickson Hockey Auxiliary. Their children are; Rodney Lee born September 22, 1969, and attends school at Erickson and is a hockey player. Tanya Lynne, born August 24, 1975, attends school at Erickson. She is an avid horse fan and 4-H member. Irene Shirley, born in 1946 at Riding Mountain, Manitoba, died ac­ cidentally at two years of age. Glenn, born July 11, 1950 at Riding Mountain, where he attended school and later at Kelwood. Glen and his wife Carol Georgina, nee Louise, born September 29, 1950 have three children. Jeannie, born August 26, 1967, Carol's daughter by a previous marriage. Jennifer Lyn Irene, born April 2, 1971 and Bernard Glen born April 5, 1974. Glenn has since divorced and is residing in British Columbia. Harvey Colin, born March 24, 1956 at Riding Mountain where he attended school and later in British Columbia. He received a Welding Course, worked for his father Colin and has taken over the business. On October 12, 1980 Harvey and his wife Faye were married. They and their two sons, Sandy and Shawn reside at Merritt, B.C.

Campbell Orville, born in Bethany district, died October 1, 1921 and is buried at the Riverside cemetery, Neepawa.

Sadie Mae, born October 12, 1923 in the Bethany district where she received Elementary and high school. She married Henry McAuley on November 1, 1947 at the Minnedosa United Church. Henry was born December 8, 1921 at Camperville, Manitoba. They had two children:

Marlane Mae and Raymond Henry. (refer to Woloshen, Basil and Sadie).

Frank James, born April 24, 1926, in the Bethany district, attended school at Norland. He served in the Army during the Second World War. On April 24, 1948, Frank married Margaret Christy "Chris" Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Brown of Rossburn, Manitoba. Chris was born August 25, 1925, and served in the Navy during the Second World War. They resided in Winnipeg where Frank was a Transit Driver for thirty years, retiring January 1, 1983. Frank and Chris now reside in their retirement home on S. W. 22-18-17W, and are members of the Erickson Legion and Auxiliary. Their six children are: Bruce James, born September 28, 1948, and is employed by the City of Winnipeg. Sharon Eleanor, born March 18, 1950. She married Roger Leckie of McGregor, Manitoba where Roger, Sharon and daughter Coleen reside. Coleen Christy Olkers born December 20, 1969, is Sharon's daughter by a previous marriage. Frances Jean, born May 25, 1952. She works and resides in Winnipeg with her son Jesse Larry, born August 2, 1979. Leslie Elizabeth, born June 2, 1953. She married Larry Bolonchuk born February 26, 1952, who