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Massey, Brandon. He was a cub, scout, played baseball and .hockey. Larry married Valerie Gunnarson, daughter of Alexander and Margaret Gunnarson of Onanole on August 23, 1969 at the Erickson Lutheran church. Larry and Valerie resided at Whonnock, British Columbia, where he worked in a mill and as a carpenter. In 1972, Larry received his Carpenters papers from Burnaby Vocational school. They returned to Manitoba in 1976. Larry was employed at Sandy Lake Co-op and is now a self-employed Carpenter. Valerie is a member of the Onanole Ladies' Curling Club. They now own a parcel of land on S.E. 11-19-19W in the Onanole district. Their children are: Angela Dawn born February 15, 1971 at Maple Ridge, B.C., attends Onanole Elementary school, a member of Onanole Figure Skating Club, United Church Jubilation Choir, and the 4-H Club at Erickson. Scot Alexander was born January 25, 1973 at Maple Ridge, B.C. He attends Onanole Elementary school, a member of the 4-H Club at Erickson, the Erickson­ Onanole Jets Hockey team and is also a baseball player.

Glen Shellborn Family - 1971. Back Row: Glen. Ada. Seated: Lance. Lana and Larry.

Lana Lynette was born August 21, 1954 at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit. Lana received her education at Erickson Elementary and Collegiate, graduating in 1972. She was a member of Starlights, Sunday School, Junior Choir and confirmed in the Erickson Lutheran Church. A singing group of ap­ proximately 22 members was formed at the church, Lana played guitar. Lana was a member of the Erickson Figure Skating Club. After graduating, she worked at Clear Lake for the summer and later was an assistant Bookkeeper at the Erickson Co-op until she married Victor Bachewich of the Ozerna district. (refer to Bachewich, Harry and Carrie).

Lance Hayden was born April 3, 1959 at the Erickson and District Medical Nursing Unit, attended the Erickson

Elementary and Collegiate, confirmed in the Erickson Lutheran church. He was a member of the Erickson Cubs and played minor hockey, taught Sunday school for one year. Lance married [slay Brazeau, daughter of Norman and Marjorie Brazeau, on January 30, 1977 in the United Church at Neepawa. They worked and resided at Neepawa until Lance and Islay moved back to Erickson and purchased the home and Chapel from the Erickson Lutheran church. Later, they moved to Brandon where he worked as a Baker for over four years and finished his grade twelve. He then attended night school at the University for two years taking Law and World Religion. Islay worked as a waitress and modeling. They moved to Erickson in 1982, Lance works for his father at Shellborn Enterprises.


by Emil Shellborn

My history begins on S.E. 5-17-18W where I was born on October 28, 1927. This farm is presently owned by Jack Wilmot. I was given the names of Emil Roy. The Emil being a family name, my father's uncle's name, also I have an uncle Emil Shellborn and am very proud that our oldest grandson was named Emil Wade Shellborn. The Roy naturally came from my father.

At a very young age we moved to the N.E. 15-17-18W and it was from here I started school at Hilltop. In the fall of 1935 we moved to the N.W. of 16-17-18W where we still reside.

Being a fairly large family of six boys and three girls had its advantages. In the late 1920's and 1930's we had to find our own entertainment. We played ball and rode horseback. In the winter we skated, but if we were not lucky enough to have skates we just played hockey with our ordinary boots. (Hockey still being my favorite sport). One event we always looked forward to was the birthdays - we were then treated to "Jello" and birthday cake. When we got older in the 1940's we had our own orchestra and played at many of the Westmount dances. Father was not that stern but he always expected the truth from us. I can remember as I got older and started going out, mother would worry, as is probably natural for all mothers, but dad just said "If you get into any trouble you get out of it by yourself" .

At the age of 14, I felt I had had enough of school and its still a vivid memory when I told dad my decision. We were walking from home to another farm to work. Guess I felt it was easier to tell him while we were walking rather than confronting him face to face. It's a decision I have not regretted although I believe education is very essential but I feel it's not always how much education you have, but how you use the education you have received.

In the fall of 1947 mom and dad moved to their new home on the outskirts of Erickson. Olav (my oldest brother) and I remained to do the farming, but I got a little tired of batching so decided to find a partner of the opposite sex. This I found in an Erickson girl, namely Elvera Olson, who had earlier taken a secretarial course