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until his retirement.

On September 14, 1941, he married Mamie Usick and the couple operated the Implement business and a small grocery store. Peter was called to the army in 1944 and served four months.

In 1945, they purchased a house and lots 23 and 24 from Mr. Ostrom. This allowed for extension of their business premises. They constructed a repair workshop behind the sales building. The Erickson Garage, pur­ chased from Mr. Ted Neilson, served as a machine warehouse. With the aid of his wife, Mamie, their three sons and good mechanics, Peter carried on the business until retirement on June 3, 1972. The business was sold to Mr. Florian Wolski.

Peter and Mamie are active in the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Each has served through the years in all executive positions. They have been active in community affairs. Peter is a Charter Member of the Erickson Lions Club, was President during the construction of the old Skating Rink and also when building the Erickson Medical Centre. Mamie has enjoyed her affiliation with the ladies of the Erickson Women's Institute, served six years as school trustee and filled various positions of the Ladies' Curling Club, Skating Rink and Red Cross. She has decorated many wedding and shower cakes for the people of the community.

Peter and Mamie had three sons:

Calvin, born on August 15, 1942, at Erickson and attended Elementary and High school here except for Grade X which he took at St. Joe's College at Yorkton, Saskatchewan. He graduated from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg with his B.S.C. and B.Ed. He taught one year at St. John's school in Winnipeg and since at Rivers Collegiate at Rivers, Manitoba, where he resides.

He was married to Donna Lunday on August 14, 1971, and have two daughters; Lori born December 14, 1974, and Tracy, born September 23, 1977. On July 2, 1983, he married Eleanor Line and she adds two daughters to his,

Peter Slobodian Family - 1982. Back Row, Left to Right: Calvin, Leonard, Brian. Seated: Peter and Mamie.

Shelly, born September 25, 1974, and Dana on March 31, 1977.

Leonard, born on April 6, 1946, at Minnedosa and received his Elementary schooling at Erickson, his Grade IX at St. Vlad's College at Roblin, his Grade X at Erickson and last two years at St. Joe's College at Yorkton, Saskatchewan. After being employed at the Nickel Mines at Sudbury, Ontario, and Simplot Com­ pany in Brandon, he purchased a half section of land, formerly Wm. McMillan's, from Clifford Hodges. He decided to return to school and attended the University of Manitoba where he received his B.A. and B.Ed. On June 12, 1971, he married Janice Smith of Oak Lake, Manitoba. They have two children; Natasha born November 11, 1974, and Sarah on February 28, 1977. He has been teaching in Erickson Collegiate the past 10 years.

Brian, born December 8, 1951, in Winnipeg, received his Elementary and Secondary schooling in Erickson except for Grade X which he took at St. Joe's College at Yorkton, Saskatchewan. He graduated with a drafting course from Assiniboine College in Brandon. He has been employed by Terra Company in Minnedosa, Morris Company in Yorkton, Saskatchewan and now draftsman at Frigstad Machinery Company at Frontier, Saskat­ chewan, where they reside. On November 3, 1973, he married Christina Speer and they have two children; Tiffany born March 1, 1975, and Dave on March 20, 1978.

Fred born May 21, 1915, attended school at Mountain Road, served in the armed services 1940-45. He married Mary Osachuk May 20, 1950, in Sudbury, Ontario, while employed at the Nickel Mines. Fred now suffers with M.S. and is in a nursing home. They had two children; Jerry and Irene both married and living in Edmonton, Alberta.

Metro, born June 18, 1917, at Mountain Road and attended school there. He worked as a mechanic for his brother Peter and later for Parkwood Garage. He married Christine Waytowich on November 13, 1948, and they moved to Dawson Creek, B.C. They had three children; Loretta and Barbara are both married and reside in Vancouver, B.C., and Patrick who received his Ph.Dr. and now doctoring at Alert Bay, B.C. He is married and has three children. Christine passed away March 30, 1978, and Metro is retired and residing at Kelowna, B.C.

Adam, born April 3, 1919, at Mountain Road and received his schooling there. He is employed with air­ conditioning at Ottawa, Ontario. He is married and has one son.

Steve, born November 22, 1923, at Mountain Road and attended school there. He has labored in different fields of mining in Ontario and presently in B.C.

Mary, born March 23, 1925, at Mountain Road. In 1946, she worked as a short order cook at Neepawa Bus Depot and then moved to Winnipeg, working at a restaurant and Eaton's Mail Order. In 1947, Mary married Dan Iwanyshyn. She moved back to Erickson and was employed at Ivar's Grill until 1955. Mary and Dan had two children; Carl and Iris. Carl, born March 19, 1948, graduated from Erickson Collegiate where he