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Winnipeg. In 1935, Edith married Irving Wayne Vince. They had two children; Norma and Irving Jr. Edith's husband Irving was killed in action during the Second World War.

In 1950, Wally and Edith had a daughter Donna. They operated the Cafe for several years at which time, Wally served on the Village of Erickson Council. In 1966, they moved to Vancouver, B.C. working and residing there for a year, then to Merrit, B.C. and later made their home at Westbank, B.C., until Wally passed away on March 4, 1983. Edith moved to Erickson and resided with her daughter and son-in-law Norma and Dennis Coey. She passed away on July 21, 1983.

Wally and Edith were buried at the Danvers cemetery. The five children are:

Daniel Allan, son of Wally and Gertrude Townley, was born May 3, 1942. He attended school at Erickson and in 1960, then moved to the United States, where he joined the American Army, serving two years in Korea. Daniel is presently a Councillor at a Juvenile Correctional Camp at Sardis, B.C.

Sylvia Alice Eileen, daughter of Wally and Gertrude Townley was born August 22, 1944. She attended school at Erickson, and in 1960, Sylvia married Elman Morgan of Onanole and have resided and worked at Onanole, Brandon and Rivers, Manitoba. Elman and Sylvia have two children; Becky and Brendon. The family presently reside at Slave Lake, Alberta.

Norma Jean, daughter of Irving and Edith Vince was born May 8, 1936. She attended school in Winnipeg and Erickson. In 1955, Norma married Dennis Coey. (refer to Coey, Dennis and Norma).

Irving Wayne Jr., son of Irving and Edith Vince was born July 30, 1939. He attended school in Winnipeg and Erickson. Irving married Janet Skovmose, daughter of Chris and Martina Skovmose of Erickson. They have four children; Christian Wayne born July 18, 1958, Connie Marie born October 30, 1960, Cindy born Oc­ tober 31, 1963, and Cory born September 27, 1971. The

Irving and Janet Vince.

People are like tea bags;

You never know their strength until they're in hot water.


Left to Right: Connie, Chris, Cory and Cindy Vince.

family reside in Winnipeg.

Donna Raye Wallis, daughter of Wally and Edith Townley was born July 31, 1950, at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit. She attended school at Erickson and Vancouver and is presently residing in Winnipeg.


by Joyce Wright

Charles Archibald, son of William and Alice Turner was born at Keppel, Ontario, in 1881. Charles married Sarah "Ann" Leonard of the Franklin district. Sarah Ann was born in 1885.

In 1906, they began farming in the Franklin district and remained there for thirty years until moving to the Norland district S.E. 17-18-17W, the Krissler farm.

In 1946, the family moved to Minnedosa. Charles and Ann are deceased. Their children;

Joyce born at Franklin in 1908 and married Roy Craser in 1926. Roy passed away in 1937. Their children; Olive, Donald, Eleanor and Shirley. Joyce married Clinton Wright of Clanwilliam in 1948. Their children; Arlene, Robert and Pamela.

Gladys was born at Franklin in 1910 and married Steve Vance in 1932. In 1940 Steve joined the armed forces in World War II and served until October 27, 1946. Steve and Gladys are retired and living in Charleswood, Manitoba. Their children are: Enid and Wilma, born at Franklin. They started school at Norland, Evelyn was born at S.E. 17-18-17W in the Norland district.

Marjorie was born at Franklin in 1914 and married Roy Sedgwick August 22, 1934. They lived on the farm in the Bethany district until 1969 when they moved to Minnedosa. Their children; Milton, Marlene, Edith and Hilda.

Lillian was born at Minnedosa in 1919. She married John Harding of the Empire district. They had three girls and a boy. Johnny is deceased. Lillian resides at Williams Lake, B.C.

Anne was born at Franklin in 1920. She married Don Robinson of Minnedosa. They had four girls and three boys. Don and Anne reside in Ontario.

Charles Milton, "Bud", born at Neepawa in 1928, was 8 years of age when his parents moved to the Norland