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born May 7, 1970, in Flin Flon, Manitoba. She attended kindergarten in Minnedosa and her Elementary and Junior High in Erickson. She takes an active part in school sports. In winter, she is an avid downhill skier, plays the piano and trumpet in the school band, winning the Erickson and District Parent Band Association trophy for trumpet 1982-83. Lindsay Rae, born April 17, 1978, in Minnedosa District Hospital. She attended Kiddie's Kollege in Erickson 1982-83 and started Kin­ dergarten in Erickson 1983-84. She likes the out-of-doors and has two pets, a rabbit and their Irish setter "Kip".

Joyce Ann, born September 2, 1951, a confirmed member of St. Mark's Anglican Church. Joyce received her education in Crocus Hill, Erickson, completing her grade 12 in Minnedosa. She attended Brandon Business College, after graduating from business college, she was employed by Norman Regional Development, Thomp­ son, Manitoba, CKX Brandon, Intercity Gas, Calgary and as a "Postie" for the Calgary postal department. She met Murray Sydney Castle, a City of Calgary fireman, a pilot instructor in Mountain flying, and a ground school instructor. They were married in Calgary, December, 1978. There are no children. Joyce and Murray are great lovers of the out-of-doors, spend all their holidays on backpacking excursions. They have done the Pacific Rim, The Chilokoot Pass and Baffin Island backpacking trails. Both are accomplished photographers, taking pictures of their many hiking holidays. Skiing is another of their favorite sports. At this point in time, they have taken a year's leave of their work to travel around the world.

Nancy Linnea, born January 31, 1959, and confirmed member of St. Mark's Anglican Church. She received her education in Erickson Elementary and graduating with her grade twelve from Erickson Collegiate, attended University of Brandon and Calgary, majoring in English and minoring in Political Science. A highlight in her sixteenth year was being presented with a University of Brandon Scholarship by Grant McEwen, for her essay "John's Gold". Nancy now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wallis Suzanne, born February 7, 1963, confirmed member of St. Mark's Anglican Church. She received her education in Erickson and completed her grade twelve at Crocus Plains, Brandon. Wallis attended Red River Community College 1982-83, graduating as a Dental Assistant Phase II. At present she is employed in that capacity in Winnipeg.


by Frank Wilson

In the fall of 1933, R.H. West, of Ogilvie, rented P.K.

Petersen's farm southwest of Erickson. My wife and I stayed on the P .K. Petersen farm during the winter and took care of the stock that was there, as R.H. West remained on his farm at Ogilvie until March of 1934. We were extremely lucky to have this opportunity as I was unable to secure a teaching position and hundreds were on welfare.

In the fall of 1934, I secured the position of teacher at

Westmount School. My wife and I rented a one-room shack on Ed. Londry's land. Here we stayed for three years. During this period I bought our first car, a used 1930 Chevrolet, from agent Tom Londry, The car for­ merly was owned by a Burgess of Minnedosa. I walked or cycled to school in the summer and walked, cutting across the country in winter.

Two main places of businesses were Doner's store and Neilson's garage.

My salary was $450. per year; at the same time many others were getting only $250. Many who trained for teaching never did secure a position and went to other jobs when times picked up.


George married Jean Jackson, and they farmed in the Elphinstone area. Sometime after Jean's death, George resided at Mary Skatch's home in Erickson. He was very interested in sports, old-time music, and a lover of animals.

George was an uncle of Mrs. Edna Warrington whom he often visited. He passed away in 1977 at ninety-years.


by Lena West

George Gilbert, was born in February, 1871, in the New York State, U.S.A. His father died when he was only a year old. George and his mother returned to Ontario to be near relatives.

In December, 1895, George married Mary Snowden Moad, daughter of John and Jane Moad. (refer to Moad, John and Jane).

George and Mary homesteaded at Stonewall, Manitoba, and in 1899, they purchased S.W. 18-16-17W, then in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam from Mary's father. George scrubbed, cleared and worked the land and the extra wood was hauled and sold in Min­ nedosa. Over the years, he gradually built up a herd of Registered Holstein Cattle and took pride in his heavy draft horses.

Their first home was built of logs near the edge of a creek but later was moved further east on their property, where the other buildings were erected in 1902. George and Mary sold property from their farm to persons who moved to the Village of Clanwilliam.

They were very industrious people, owned the first car in the area. In 1918, an electric power plant was installed servicing the house and barn, and in 1919, waterworks was installed in their home. George and Mary were active in the development of the Methodist Church and later the United Church of which they were members. He served as a Trustee for the Grey School.

Mary passed away in December, 1948, and George in 1952. They are buried at the cemetery North of Clan­ william.

Their ten children are;

Pearl Mae, born March 18, 1897, at Balmoral,