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Mary and George Wi/son - 1900.

Manitoba, married Charles Myers. Charles passed away October 31, 1966, and Pearl now resides at Minnedosa.

James "Clark", born on his parents' farm S.W. 18-16- 17W. He married Malvina Hopkins of Bethany. Clark passed away and Malvina resides in the Personal Care Home, Minnedosa.

Millie Jane, born 1901, and married Matthew Berg in 1919. Millie passed away in 1955, and Matthew passed away in 1974.

Lucy Lavina, born May 19, 1903, in the then Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam S.W. 18-16-17W. She married John Myers and they reside at Minnedosa.

Violet, born in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam, S.W. 18-16-17W. She married Hugh Simmons. Hugh passed away September 14, 1976, and Violet resides at Minnedosa.

Etta Mer/e, born August 3, 1905 on S.W. 18-16-17W.

She married William "Bill" Hopkins. Bill passed away December 3, 1972, and Etta resides at Minnedosa.

Lena married Hartley West. (refer to West, Hartley and Lena).

Frank A., born in 1911, married Alice Blackwell. He taught school at Westmount in 1934-1936. Frank and Alice reside at Minnedosa.

Floyd, born July 21, 1915, married Elsa Skoglund.

They reside at Sooke, B.C. (refer to Skoglund, Olaf and Anna).

Alvin, his first wife was Marion Kitchingman and later married Pat Hall. Alvin and Pat reside at Souris, Manitoba.

The one who gossips gets caught in his own mouth trap.



by Pauline Wilson

John Edwin, born 1892, in the Kinosota area near Amaranth, Manitoba. On November 25, 1914, he married Joan "Harriet" Tanner of Westburne, Manitoba, at Langruth, Manitoba. They resided at Amaranth for several years. In 1929, John had acquired a job with the Highways Department at Brandon, and he moved the family there. In 1935, they first settled on N.E. 14-17-18W in the Westmount district and later moved to S.E. 18-18-17W in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam where they farmed until 1970. Harriet helped the ladies of the area make items for the Red Cross during the Second World War.

In 1971, they retired and moved to Minto, Manitoba, and in 1974, to Neepawa where John and Harriet celebrated their sixtieth Wedding Anniversary the same year in November.

John passed away April 12, 1978, and was buried at the Brandon cemetery. Harriet resides in her home in Neepawa.

John and Harriet had ten children:

Anne married Bert Davis and they reside at Margaret, Manitoba.

Fred, served in the Armed Forces during the Second World War, married and resides in Neepawa.

Gordon, born November 11, 1921. In 1940, he enlisted in the Canadian Army during the Second World War, serving overseas, and was discharged in 1946. He then worked at the Riding Mountain National Park, but returned to the Armed Forces from 1949-51. Upon his discharge, he worked on his parents farm. On November 7, 1970, Gordon married a widow, Pauline Swiscoski. They purchased S.E. 18-18-17W and have a grain and cattle operation. Gordon and Pauline also raise horses and enjoy entering them in parades at several places in Manitoba.

John, Harriet, Pauline and Gordon Wi/son.

Helen, deceased - 1972.

Loreen, married Bill Robinson and they reside at Calgary, Alberta.

William, served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War, married and resides at