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Kerr's Lake Post Office. Postmaster Fred Kostiw.

summer of 1969, a new Federal Post Office was built on Main Street, Erickson; Mr. Miller served in the new building for two years.

Some of the assistants who worked with Linus from 1944 on have been Messrs. Percy Vaughan, Stewart Steele, Edwin Olsen, Lome Burkett, Mrs. Ethel Neilson, Florence Scott with his wife Viola Miller employed as partime assistant until 1969. Linus Miller retired as Postmaster in March, 1971 when Mr. Roy Mallett received his appointment and has been postmaster to the present time. His assistants now are Mrs. Shirley Steele and Mrs. Paulette Haralson.

When the federal building was officially opened July 30, 1969, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lofgren were caretakers and presently Donald Steele carries on in this capacity .

The present Post Office at Erickson, 1969.

Post Office at Scandinavia. Postmaster Mr. Waterton and son Edmund and Mrs. Waterton.

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