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The news publications that the early folk looked forward to receiving were the Svenska Canada Tid­ ningen, Norrena, Canada Posten, Svenska Amerikanern, Dacorah Posten and Den Scandinaviske Canadiensaren.

Mr. J. Alfred Sjogren was the local correspondent for the Svenska Canada Nyheter, and had been requested to write the history of the colony for the paper and the Carnegie Institute.

There were the Winnipeg Weekly Free Press, The Grain Grower's Guide, Family Herald and Weekly Star, Winnipeg Daily Free Press and Tribune, The Brandon Sun and others.

The receipt of newspapers, magazines, letters and other mail, was always an important event in the lives of the pioneer families. The "Minnedosa Tribune" dates back to its first publication in 1883, and was one of the first rural newspapers in Manitoba.

In 1954, the "Erickson News" was first published, with Mr. Harry Aylwin, of the "Rossburn Review" as editor. The Erickson News circulated in the progressive communities of Erickson, Sandy Lake, Onanole, Elphinstone and Rackham.

Erickson News, Friday, September 24, 1954 "Erickson News" chosen as Name of Paper

Erickson - At the Tuesday evening meeting of the Erickson Village Council, the councillors gleaned over the many entries for naming the Erickson paper and decided that the winning name would be the present name of the paper, "The Erickson News". Considerable discussion and thought went into the decision. The publisher greatly appreciates the council taking on this difficult task. The winning entry was submitted by Otto Halverson.


1884 -

The inaugural meeting for the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam was held on January 6, 1884.

The Scandinavia "Colony" in township 17 and 18, ranges 17-18 is now an established fact and settlers are active in their inquiries re-acquiring homestead rites.

Mr. Peter Christophersen is now officially appointed postmaster at the Scandinavia P.O. replacing Mr. J. Hemmingson who resigned. The post office is located in the store operated by Mr. C. V. Carlson.

In September a "prohibition" meeting held on the 23rd was almost a failure owing to the heavy roads, caused by Friday's rain. Aldolph Lundgren was voted as chairman, and after expressing his regrets that Mr. Lang and other prominent speakers could not be present, he called on the Rev. B.O. Berg, pastor of the Lutheran church for a few remarks. The Rev. Gentleman's

1885 -

1892 -

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1899 -

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1909 -

comments were in the Swedish language, and made a favorable impression, in that those present voted in favor of prohibition. Remarks by Mr. Peter Christophersen, and

some songs by the school children com­ pleted the program.

In December an application for a new Post Office to be located on the "town line" between Clanwilliam and Scandinavia was discussed. The signed petition to be presented to the Postmaster General.

July - 1900. Mr. Jones, School Inspector at school. Miss Walton and Mr. Veale are arranging for a Union School picnic to be held on Friday, July 20th in the Hem­ mingson Grove at Otter Lake. A good program is being prepared. Dr. Roche, M.P. and Mr. Myers M.P.P. will be invited to be present to give a short address. The afternoon will be largely devoted to the children. The children and friends of the whole Scandinavia settlement in Clan­ william are cordially invited to be present and to bring well-filled baskets.

School closed August 17th, 1900 because of threatened Diphtheria Epidemic. November 22, 1906 Vote on a "money by­ law", that we contribute $500.00 to the Minnedosa Board of Trade towards erection of Minnedosa hospital to be held at next Municipal election on December 19, 1906.

Gust Bergwall is breaking sod with steam power.

Mrs. Edstrom who lived on the Engman place was lost in the woods for seven days, surviving on berries etc.

Mr. Booth was paid $12.50 per acre for expropriated land on N.W. 3-17-17W road 66 feet wide. Mr. August Haralson gave free of all charges a roadway on 5-18-18W. April 8, 1909, all parties wanting telephones installed in their residences in the Municipality of Clan william are requested to apply at once to the clerk or any of the Council, who will give further particulars. Annual fee for each phone is $20.00.

April 15 - 1909. As will be seen by ad­ vertisement on another column, Municipal Councils are advertising for those desirous of having telephones put into their dwellings. The annual rate is not high, being only $20.00 and the convenience is great. That the government should put in the phones is much more desirable than that individual Municipalities should undertake it for themselves. With the Govenment controlling the whole system, one management for the province reduces the cost, and only the user has to pay. If the municipality adopt a system of its own, a