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Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

Lurwood works on construction at Yorkton,


Lillian, deceased 1917. A lvin, deceased 1935. Neil, deceased 1941.


Leon and Margaret Wojchyshyn grew up in eastern Poland and were married there. They then left Poland for Hawaii with their first daughter. Leon had a labour contract for five years in the pineapple and sugar cane plantations, their passage on a sailboat being part of the contract. This was before the Panama Canal was built, so the journey around South America took from four to five months. Water was rationed on board and at ports where they stopped they took on fresh water. When Hawaii became a territory of the United States, the government declared that animals could be bought and sold but not human beings. Therefore the labour contract was broken and they moved to San Francisco. They were there at the time of the big earthquake in 1906. As most of the city burned, they went back to Poland, staying only over winter as they said they were spoiled by life in this new country. During this period a second daughter was born. Deciding to come back, they chose Canada, coming to Portage la Prairie in 1907. The younger girl became ill and died on board ship and was buried at sea. The older one, now ten years of age, died while they lived in Portage la Prairie. In 1908, they homesteaded on 33-17- 19W in the Harrison Municipality where they lived until retirement. Here they farmed and raised two daughters, Mary Marcino, and Helen Sadler (formerly of Haney, B.C.) both now living in Erickson. They built a log house and barn and these are still standing. They were members of St. Anthony Church at Rackham. They moved into Erickson in 1948 to a house on Third St. S. Leon passed away in 1950 and Margaret in 1952, and they are buried in the St. Anthony Cemetery.


by the Family

Feodor was born in 1881, in the Village of Hudykouce, Ukraine. In 1903, he married Vasilina Kereliuk, born in 1887 in the Village of Hudykouce, Ukraine.

Feodor came to Canada in 1908 and worked for two years in Ontario, in first a piano factory, and then for the C.N.R. In 1910, he came west and acquired a homestead S.E. 9-18-17W and cleared a small portion of land on which he built a two-room log house with a cellar and an attic. In the fall of 1910, Feodor returned to Ukraine and in 1912, he returned to Scandinavia district with his wife Vasilina and his mother-in-law, Mrs. Kereliuk.

Feodor helped with the construction of St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic church where they were members.

In 1936, a second larger log house was built and then the old log house was dismantled. A log granary and the

Fred (Fedor) Lillian (Vasylena) Woloshen.

old barn are still in use today.

Feodor passed away in November, 1957 and Vasilina on April 9, 1957. They are buried in Kerr's Lake cemetery.

Feodor and Vasilina had eight children. One daughter died in infancy and a son Metro died at the age of five.

Basil (refer to Woloshen, Basil and Sadie).

George (twin), born September 30, 1916. (refer to Woloshen, George and Gladys).

Donna, (twin) born September 30, 1916, attended Scandinavia school. In 1933, she went to Winnipeg where she completed her education. In July, 1968, Donna married William Mills. On February 23, 1979, William passed away and Donna continues to reside in Winnipeg.

Mary born May 12, 1919, attended Scandinavia school and in 1942 she married Harold Bailey of Winnipeg. Mary and Harold had four children; Thomas born in 1943. He married Valerie Berton October, 1968. Thomas died accidentaly in September, 1970. Dorothy born April 18, 1946, married Wayne Bond in 1968. They have two children, Thomas and Phillip. The family reside in Winnipeg. Alfred born June 21, 1947, married Diane Williams in 1969. They have two children; Karen and Tanis. The family reside in Orangeville, Ontario. William Bailey born October 15, 1960, married Kathy Collingridge in 1979. They have two children; Kristopher and Teresa. They reside in Winnipeg.

Peter (twin). (refer to Woloshen, Peter and Nellie). Paul (twin) born June 21, 1924, attended Scandinavia school and then worked on the farm helping his parents, brothers and sisters. Paul, a bachelor, farms and resides on the homestead S.E. 9-18-17W, with his twin brother Peter and his wife Nellie.


by Basil Woloshen

Basil, son of Feodor and Vasilina Woloshen, was born August 14, 1914 on S.E. 9-18-17W: He attended school at Scandinavia and completed his education by a correspondence course.

Basil worked for a time at the Hillstrand sawmill, canting, and later in Alberta, he worked for Anthony Brothers at the Breton Woods Sawmills.