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In 1935, Basil started a Trucking business at Scan­ dinavia. This was interrupted by his enlisting with the R.C.A.F. in the spring of 1940, and was later transferred

to the R.A.F. Bomber Squadron, logging thirty-two missions in World War Two.

Upon his return in March, 1945, Basil remained in Winnipeg for a year, and then returned to the Scan­ dinavia district, where he purchased S. W. 16-18-17W. He also continued the Trucking business, and eventually phased it out in the late 1950's to farm on a full-time basis.

In 1954, Basil's career in local government began, he served twenty-seven years on the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam Council, as a Councillor for Ward Three, and then served as Reeve, retiring in October, 1980.

Basil and his wife Sadie are members of the Erickson Legion and Auxiliary. Sadie works at Clear Lake during the tourist season.

Basil and Sadie raised a family of eight children, in­ cluding two stepchildren;

Marlane McAuley, born May 20, 1949 at Colin Robinson's farm, Riding Mountain, attended Norland, Scandinavia and Erickson schools. Marlane and her husband David Murray and son Justin reside in Ed­ monton.

Raymond Henry McAuley, born February 16, 1950 on S.E. 22-18-17W, attended Norland, Scandinavia and Erickson schools. Ray and his wife Debra, nee Lawson, reside in Brandon.

Janice Lynn, born January 8, 1957, attended school at Scandinavia and Erickson and married Wade Shellborn. (refer to Shellborn, Emil and Elvera).

Basil James, born November 9, 1957, attended school at Scandinavia and Erickson. He resides at Onanole.

Leslie Harold, born March 19, 1960, attended Scandinavia and Erickson. Leslie and his wife Donna, nee Lutz, reside at Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Richard Morley, born March 21, 1961, attended school in Erickson and now resides in Brandon, where he is employed by the C.P. Railway.

Judith Ann, born March 27, 1963, attended school at Erickson and now resides at Coronation, Alberta.

Valerie Gayle, born February 16, 1966, attended school in Erickson and is living at Coronation, Alberta, continuing her education.


by George

George, "twin" son of Feodor and Vasalina Woloshen was born September 30, 1916. He attended Scandinavia school until the age of thirteen when he started working on the family farm and at sawmills in the area during the winter. In 1940 George and brother Basil started a partnership Trucking business, until June I, 1942 when he enlisted in the Second World War. He served with the Artillery Corps and later was transferred to the Regina Rifles in France, and Germany where he was wounded. On December 31, 1945 he arrived in Winnipeg and then returned to trucking business with brother Basil.

On August 31, 1974 George and Gladys Wasylenko of


Gladys and George Woloshen.

Sandy Lake, were married. They reside on PT. S.E. 5-18- 18W and are semi-retired. They are active members of the Erickson Legion, Auxiliary, and the Erickson Curling Club.


by the Family

Peter, a twin, was born on June 21,1924 and attended Scandinavia school. He remained at home to help his parents.

On October 15, 1960, Peter married Nellie Kostiw from the Mountain Road district. Peter and Nellie are members of the Sacred Heart church in Erickson.

They have two children;

Martha, born August 4, 1961. Martha attended school at Scandinavia and Erickson, graduating from Erickson Collegiate, and continued her education at Brandon. She had been employed at the Erickson Co-op for a short time previously. She received piano lessons from Mrs. Burkett in Erickson. Martha now is employed and resides in Brandon.

Perry, born June 8, 1963, attended school in Erickson and graduated in 1983. Perry played hockey for the Erickson Minor League and also received piano lessons from Mrs. Burkett in Erickson. He worked on the farm, helping his father and UncIe Paul, and in July and August of 1983, he worked in Erickson as the Sports Representative. Perry now resides in Brandon with his sister Martha, continuing his education at the Assiniboine College.

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