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by Lena Williams

Mr. Demetro (Mike) Woloshen was born in Austria, in the year 1880. He immigrated to Canada in 1896. He was employed at various jobs in Canada and ventured into the U.S.A.

Returning to Canada to the Teulon district, Mike met and married Magda Kuz on January 2, 1904. Magda was a native of Austria, having been born there in 1885. Mike and Magda settled in Gimli until 1908, then moved to the Municipality of Harrison, near Erickson, Manitoba. They purchased a homestead on S.E. 1/4 1-18-19W.

They worked hard to develop the homestead, and for a number of years Mike worked for the C.N.R. on the section gang. His wages allowed them to purchase a plow and oxen to break the land, in later years to purchase machinery, horses, cattle, chickens and hogs, to finally become the owners of a mixed farm.

In 1913, Mike and Mr. Ted Lee organized a committee for the purpose of building a school. In 1914, Round Lake School was officially opened. Mike and Ted served on the Board of Trustees for a number of years.

In 1928, the farm was sold to Marvin Gusdal. Mike and Magda moved to Neepawa, Manitoba, where he was employed as caretaker of the Neepawa cemetery until his retirement.

Mike Woloshen Family - 1908. Left to Right: Nick, Magda, Bill, Mike and Lena.

Their marriage was blessed with nine children, six sons and three daughters.

Lena was born October 27, 1904. She married Clarence Williams. They reside in Minnedosa, Manitoba. They have one daughter, Corraliene who lives in Brandon, Manitoba. Their eldest son Gordon is a Professor in the University of Edmonton, married to Della Derpack of Moose Jaw. They have three children; Joanne, Garth and

Clarence Williams Family. Left to Right: Ivan, Corraliene, Gordon, Clarence and Lena.

Bryce. Their second son married Verna Robinson of Minnedosa. Ivan is an Official with Hydro Company in Brandon, Manitoba, where he and Verna reside with their two daughters, Allison and Norma.

William, born on January iO, 1906. He married the former Eileen Steele and with their two sons, Allan and Albert, they made their home in Neepawa, Manitoba. Today, Allan and Albert live in British Columbia. Albert married Eileen Morris. They have two sons, Dean and Darcy.

Nick, born November 27, 1907. Anne Kuz became his bride. Nick passed away in 1981. Their only son, Bradley and wife Ann live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with their two children, Tanya and Kirk.

Peter greeted this world on August 17, 1909. Neepawa, Manitoba, is Peter's home where he resides with his wife, the former Hazel Steele.

John born on August 22, 1911. He moved to Petawawa, Ontario, where he married Claire Mott. They had one son, James, who now resides in Edmonton, Alberta.

Anne arrived on the scene on November 11,1913. Her marriage to Horace Williams was blessed with the birth of three sons; Ralph, Calvin and Donald and one daughter Corriene. Horace and Anne farm in the Cor­ dova district. Today, Ralph lives in Eli, Manitoba. Their son Calvin with wife Nettie reside in Brandon, Manitoba, and Donald and his wife Brenda live in Winnipeg with their two sons, Roger and Ryan. Corriene married Jerry Samagolski of Gimli, Manitoba. They moved to St. Albert, Alberta, where five children were born to them; Ken, Darlene, Mark, Gail and Jeffery.

Kay, born on November 10, 1916. Winnipeg became her home where she married Mike Kuz. Three daughters were born to this union; Gloria, Carrol and Grace. Mike passed away in 1956. Grace makes her home in Van­ couver, B.C. Carrol resides in Winnipeg, also Gloria, who married Richard Simpkins, daughters Katherine and Christina complete their family.

Michael, born on March 3, 1919. He married Sally Mearka and resided in Winnipeg with children Brian and Beverly. Mike passed away in 1982. Brian and his wife Christina have two children; Michelle and Curtis. Beverly married John Kibsey. Their children are Andrew and