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Karyn, both families reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Tony, the youngest child was born on January 10, 1921. He married Rosalyn Boarman. Their home was in Petawawa, Ontario. Tony passed away in 1978.

Mike Woloshen departed this world in October, 1960.

Magda bid farewell in 1964. They were laid to rest in the Neepawa Cemetery.


by Kathleen Wolski

In 1932 Joe, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Wolski and Kathleen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Bachewich were married in St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church in Rackham. They lived in the Basswood area for fifteen years. While in Basswood, Joe drove the school van for 75¢ a day. There were many hardships during this period. These hardships included hauling water, picking stones, coping with crop failures due to rust, drought, and hail. Not all crops were failures and on one occasion Joe sold a carload of wheat but due to poor prices got only $300.

The Wolski's made their own bread, butter, cottage cheese, noodles, pickles, sauerkraut, soap, cured and smoked their own meat and sausages, used dried mint leaves for tea and made their coffee from rye. Butter sold for 25¢ a pound and eggs sold for only 2 or 3 cents a dozen. To help out financially, Joe would cut and haul wood to town for $2.00 just enough for a bag of flour.

In 1946, the Wolski's sold their land and moved to Hilltop to N.W. 22-17-17W which they bought from Nels Larson. Near tragedy struck in 1947 when there was a house fire with Donna in the house. Fortunately she was rescued and the house did not burn down but much damage was done to the kitchen and veranda. Joe and Kathleen both worked hard on their farm without any hired help, especially until mechanized machines came into use. Kathleen milked up to eighteen cows a day, morning and night, and at the same time boarded a teacher and was very fond of picking wild fruit and berries. At that time, haying and harvesting was done with horses and it was not until about 1960 that they bought hay balers and combines. This eased the work load considerably. When hydro was installed and various appliances bought, the workload was lessened.

The Wolski's have five children. John got his education in Basswood and Erickson, taught at Fraser school for one year and has worked for Manitoba Hydro ever since. He married Frances Skoglund and they have two children, Darryl and Lynnette. After having lived in many places, they are now living in Selkirk. Florian got his education in Erickson and Yorkton. He worked on construction in Winnipeg, then joined the hydro force and later moved to Edmonton where he is now living. He is married and has one daughter Maylene. Rudolph attended Basswood, Minnedosa and Brandon schools. He is employed by a construction firm, spent one year in Puerto Rico and is now living in Edmonton. He and his wife, Vi, have two children, Everett and Darren. Donna after completing school took a hairdressing course, worked for several years in various places, is now living in Dauphin and is a real estate agent with Century 21. She


is married to Gerald Spack and they have two children, Derrick and Tamara. Dennis, the youngest, was born at Hilltop. After graduating from Minnedosa, he has done mechanical work which included the dealership of Inter­ national Harvester and is now a heavy machinery mechanic at Hinton, Alberta. He married Delores Robinson of Erickson and they have two children, Evan and Brenda.

In 1956, Joe and Kathleen bought the Wolski homeplace and moved back to the Basswood area in 1957. They celebrated their 25th Wedding anniversary that year. They lived in Basswood until 1972 when they moved to Erickson and in 1976 they retired from farming and continued to live in Erickson. In 1982, the Wolski's celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They are both active and enjoy their retirement.

Joe Wolski Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Dennis, Rudolph Wolski, Derrick, Gerald, Donna, Tamara Spack, Darryl, John Wolski. Second Row: Delores, Everett, Violet, Lynnette, Frances, Maylene Wolski. Front Row: Brenda, Evan, Darren, Kathleen, Joe, Doreen, Florian Wolski.


Alex was born in Austria in 1890 and came with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Onufrey Wonsel and seven children. Onufrey made application June 30, 1909 for N. W. 2-18-17W in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and received his patent January 19, 1914.

At the age of 19 Alex made application for entry for a homestead on November 4, 1909 for N.E. 3-18-17W in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam. Alex, single at the time, resided with his father on N.W. 2-18-17W. By 1916 he had 24 acres ready for crop on his own property, 2 horses and 15 head of cattle. The transfer of patent was received September 14, 1916.

In 1919, he married Annie Zatylny, daughter of Martin and Christina Zatylny. There were six children; Florence, Joseph, Edward, Effie, Raymond and Gloria.

Alex and Annie moved into Erickson, built a house on 3rd Avenue South West where they lived until their