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demise, Annie in 1944, Alex in 1977. One son Edward is also deceased. The Wonsel children all attended Erickson school except Gloria. Joseph resides in Toronto, Ontario and the rest of the family reside in St. Catharines, On­ tario.


by Marie Wonsul

Bill and Katie Wonsul.

Bill and Katie came to Canada from Velhovitz, Ukraine, in 1898, and homesteaded in Rosedale Municipality on N.E. 30-17-16W. There they farmed and raised a family of eight children. Their second youngest child, John, is the only one surviving.

John was born on January 20, 1904, and farmed with his father until 1935. He married Mary Chumola on February 8, 1934. They then moved to S.E. 26-18-17W in the Clanwilliam Municipality, where they farmed and raised two boys; Paul and Walter. After three years they moved to the Odanah Municipality to S.E. 28-14-17W, which they farmed and later expanded to more land and also mixed farming. In 1968 John and Mary retired and moved to Minnedosa.

Paul was born on February 6, 1935. He was educated in Edna, Franklin and Minnedosa schools. He married Marie Zwarich (refer to Zwarich, Mike and Helen) on October 25, 1958. They farmed with Paul's parents and are still living on the home quarter of S.E. 28-14-17W. They had two daughters, Anna and Rose.

Anna was born on September 9, 1959. She married Cal Sproule, of Virden, on July 26, 1980. Anna teaches music and Cal is a Loans Manager in Virden. Rose was born on January 24, 1964, and is presently attending school in Brandon.

Walter was born on September 11, 1937. He received his education at Edna and Franklin. He joined the Air Forces for three years and then worked in Brandon for a stucco and plaster company. He married Sonia Yanick, of Shoal Lake, Man. on November 23, 1959. They lived in Brandon, Regina, and now in Moosomin, where they have their own stucco and plaster business.

They have four children; Connie, Mike, Kim and


Connie was born on March 14, 1960. She married Del MacPherson of Wawota, Sask., on April 26, 1980. They presently live in Wroxton, Sask., and have two children; Dawn, born on September 27, 1980, and Christopher, born on January 19,1982.

Mike was born on June 7, 1961, and is presently in Saskatoon studying Nursing.

Kim was born on September 12, 1964 and Roxanne on October 5, 1970. Both are attending school in Moosomin, Sask.


Henry Woodcock was born in 1876 at Netherhampton, Wiltshire, England the son of John and Katherine Woodcock. He was educated in England, emigrating to Canada with his family in 1891 to the Minnedosa district. He worked for Herb Hilliard until he obtained his own farm northwest of Clan william , later known as the Crocus Hill District and lived on 28-16-18 southwest quarter.

Kathleen Mary Macey from Devizes, Wiltshire, came to Canada with her sister in the 1890's to a friend by now settled in the Bridge Creek area north of Franklin, later coming to Minnedosa.

Henry and Kathleen were married in All Saints Anglican Church on April 10, 1901. Henry was pro­ minent in the United Farmers of Manitoba for many years. He was on the Council for the R.M. of Minto and was one of the first trustees when the school district of Crocus Hill No. 1448 was formed in 1908. The school was built on the corner of his farm, burned December 31, 1935, rebuilt immediately. He served in this capacity for many years. He was also active in Church work at All Saints and helped in the Construction of St. Marys in Clanwilliam. He was on the board of the Farmers' elevator and later the Pool elevator. During World War 1 was active with the Red Cross and was active in many community affairs. He was always a good friend to the Indians. Through the years was a keen hunter and fisherman, spending much time in later years fishing with a good friend, the late John Crawley.

Kathleen passed away April, 1944. Henry passed away March, 1953. They raised a family of six, five daughters and one son.

Mary the eldest married Norman Firby. They live in the Fairmount district. They had two children Stanley and Jean.

Lucy taught school at McCreary and Oakburn until she married Sidney Proven. They had five children, James, Betty, Donald, Herbert and Ruth.

William still resides on the home farm.

May married Colin Troquair, he was killed in a mining mishap in 1951.

Kathleen lived at home until her death in 1970.

Phyllis married George Robinson and they farmed in Clanwilliam and Franklin areas until they retired to Neepawa. George died in 1982.