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by Nellie Woywada

Samuel was born on September 12, 1880, in Delawa, Gaiacia, Ukraine. His wife Martha was born on December 23, 1883, in Koropiec, Galacia, Austria.

On October 15, 1913, they boarded the ship called Pisa, and arrived in Halifax, on October 29, 1913, leaving their eleven year old daughter, Anna, behind with relatives, to follow them later. Their fare for the boat was 120 marks per person.

From Halifax, they went to Montreal. (Their train fare was $13.90 per person.) They worked at various jobs, and then approximately one year later they sent for their daughter Anna.

A few years later, they came to the Mountain Road Area. They farmed on the SW 14-17-17W. In 1927, they moved to the Scandinavia District, where they purchased the N.E. 3-18-17W. They farmed in the area until 1950.

After they sold their farm, they moved to Portage la Prairie, where they resided. On October 17, 1955, Samuel passed away. His wife Martha remained in Portage until she became an invalid. At this time, she returned to the Scandinavia District, and lived with her oldest son, Frank and his family. On April 10, 1964, Martha passed away in the Brandon General Hospital. She was buried beside her husband, in Portage la Prairie.

Samuel and Martha Woywadll.

Samuel and Martha had seven children. They are:

Anna, born on December 22, 1902, in Koropiec, Galacia, Austria. She joined her parents in Montreal, in 1918, she married Nick Chemerika of Mountain Road. (refer to Chemerika, Nick and Anna).

Frank, born on March 20, 1920. (refer to Woywada, Frank and Nellie).

Julia, born on February 6, 1921. She attended Norland School. In 1942, she married Bill Andruniak, and now reside in Minnedosa. They had eight children: Dave, Lawrence, Leonard, Gloria, Fred, Bill, Margaret-Anne.


One child died in childhood.

David, born on June 2, 1922. Attended Norland School. Served during the war. Married Gwen Prawzik,

in 1951. They have four children, RickYJ HollYJ Deena, and Kim.

John, born June 7, 1923. Attended Norland School.

Served during the war, in 1948, John married Katie Safroniuk. They have three children: Roger, Eddie, and Linda.

Nick, born February 19, 1924. Passed away in 1925. Mary born January 27, 1930. Passed away in 1946.


by Nellie

Frank, born March 20, 1920, on S.W. 14-17-17W in the Hilltop district and attended school at Norland until he was old enough to help on his father's farm. On October I, 1946, Frank married Nellie Zwarich at St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church, Kerr's Lake. They pur­ chased and moved S.E. 1O-18-17W in the Scandinavia district where they operated a mixed farm and continued helping his father. In 1963, they began to expand their farming, by purchasing another farm N.W. 22-17-17W where they moved to.

Frank and Nellie were active members in the St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church at Kerr's Lake. Frank was one of the many people who volunteered their time to build Kerr's Lake Hall. He played guitar on an Orchestra with Mike Kostiw and Elsie Kostenchuk and also enjoyed an occasional game of curling.

Back Row, Left to Right: Brian, Leo, Carl, Terry. Second Row: Frank Jr., Marlene, Gerald. Seated: Nellie and Frank.

Frank passed away in March, 1980, and was buried at Kerr's Lake Cemetery.

Nellie remained on the farm until November, 1982, and has since moved to Erickson. Nellie has curled for several years and is presently a member of the Erickson