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them several farms in the area that were for sale. Once they saw their present home farm, South half of 2-18- 18W on Otter Lake, their minds were made up because of all the lakefront. In Saskatchewan it was necessary to drive 72 miles to a lake.

They moved on September 5, 1964. They hired two transfers - one to transport horses and cattle, the other machinery and household goods. Oliver followed, driving the John Deere tractor and rack loaded with machinery, accompanied by Delbert, their oldest son, in his blue and white Ford. When they arrived at their new home two friendly neighbours, the Wickdahl's and Mutter's, helped us unload, set up beds for the children and had hot food awaiting us. A week later we were surprised by a welcome party including the neighbours of Otter Lake and area. Oliver and Irene's hobbies are square dancing and old-time dancing. The family became membes of the Lutheran Church. Then in 1965, they met Ernie and Stella Hill and decided that in order to make a living on the new farm it would be necessary to have a herd of Holsteins. This eventually grew into the dairy business they have today called "Mallard Holsteins."

Oliver and Irene have nine children.

Back Row, Left to Right: Melvin, Garrett, Regan, Sheila, Mark, AI/an, Tom, Delbert. Seated: Irene, Donna and Oliver.

Delbert: Born in 1946, attended school in Carievale and Oxbow, Saskatchewan, belonged to the Air Force Cadets in Oxbow, and attended Grades 11 and 12 in Erickson. He was active in sports, mainly high-jumping, and his hobbies were skiing, riding and hunting. Upon completion of high school, he went to Thompson, Manitoba, and worked in the mines for a year. He then joined the RCMP in 1967, took his training in Penhold, Alta., and has since been stationed in British Columbia. He married Bernice Aitken in 1979, and they have one son, Brenden, born January 19, 1983. He also has two other sons from a previous marriage, Shawn and Trenton. Delbert built his own home and lives in Prin­ ceton, B.c.

Tom: Born in 1948, attended school in Carievale, Sask.


Belonged to the Air Force Cadets in Oxbow and finished his schooling in Erickson. He was very active in sports, particularly basketball. His hobbies include ski-dooing, skiing and hunting. Upon completion of high school, he went to Assiniboine College in Brandon and became a licensed mechanic and is currently Foreman at Park wood Auto in Erickson. He married Diane Strand in 1970, and they have two children, Jason and Chad. Tom and Diane built their own home and live on S.W. 2-18-18W.

Donna: Born in 1950 - attended Carievale and Erickson schools was very active in sports, mainly basketball and field events. In 1968, she won the Female Athlete of the Year award of the Erickson Collegiate. She was involved with the Young People's group of the Erickson Lutheran Church. Her hobbies are reading and fishing. In August, 1968, she was involved in a car ac­ cident which left her a paraplegic. The students of Erickson Collegiate put on a Walk-a-thon on her behalf. With the money from this and the help of the Rolling River School Division, Donna was able to finish her education at River East High School in Winnipeg. She then went on to complete a stenographer's course at Red River Community College and presently is employed by the Manitoba Health Services Commission. Donna became involved in wheelchair sports and for two years was Female Athlete of Canada. In 1974 and 1975 she was also Miss Manitoba March of Dimes. In 1974, she was chosen by sportswriters and sportscasters as the Sports­ woman of the Year for Manitoba. Consequently, she was given the privilege of being accepted into the Order of the Buffalo Hunt, presented at a surprise birthday party at the Manitoba Health Services Commission by Hon. Ed. Schreyer and attended also by Hon. L. Desjardins and Hon. Saul Miller. Being involved in sports, Donna travelled within Canada, the United States, Europe and South America. She has now retired from sports and lives in Winnipeg.

Allan: Born in 1952, attended Carievale and Erickson schools. He was involved in sports, particularly basketball and his hobbies were skiing and hunting. He went to British Columbia for two years and worked in the lumber mill, came home and bought a quarter section of land, N.W. 12-18-18W and a small herd of Holsteins and went into a partnership with Oliver, Irene and Regan in the dairy business now called "Mallard Holsteins". In 1978, he bought a half interest in a three quarter section of Cliff Lundman's land. Allan is also a member of the Erickson Lions Club and lives on S.E. 2-18-18W. Allan married Karen Bennett on August 20, 1983. Karen is the daughter of Blair Bennett's of Erickson.

Sheila: Born in 1954, attended Carievale and Erickson schools and went on to Minnedosa to complete a two­ year course in stenography. Sheila enjoyed participating in sports and particularly liked basketball. Her hobbies are skiing and reading. She is currently employed as Loan Secretary and Receptionist for the Manager of the Russell Credit Union. Sheila married Brian Smith of Minnedosa in 1972 and they have two children, Curtis and Tracy. They live in Russell, Man.

Mark: Born in 1956, attended Carievale and Erickson schools, was involved in all school sports and won the Athlete of the Year in the Elementary school. His hobbies