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are snowmobiling, fishing and hunting. Upon completion of high school, he went on to Assiniboine College in Brandon to take an Electrician's course. He worked with Mr. Hampton, Bruce Burton, and currently is Senior Maintenance Trades Supervisor with the Federal Government at Riding Mountain National Park. He married Lynne Shurvell of Sandy Lake in 1977, and they have two children, Shanda and Ryan. Mark built his own horne and lives on S. W. 2-18-18W.

Regan: Born in 1957, attended Erickson schools. He was very active in sports including baseball, basketball and curling. He also enjoys hunting. Regan quit school at the end of Grade 10 to help in the dairy business. He then bought a one-half interest in three quarters of Cliff Lundman's land in 1978, withdrew from the partnership

in "Mallard Holsteins" in 1980, and is currently involved with his registered Polled Herefords. Regan married Barbara Hogeland in 1979, and lives on N.E. 26-17-18W.

Garrett: Born in 1959, attended Erickson schools. He was interested in sports, particularly basketball. Garrett also enjoys curling, hunting and fishing. He also enjoys doing carpentry work. Went to Edmonton for four years and worked with heavy duty equipment and is currently residing on S.W. 1-18-18W. He also worked for "Mallard Holsteins"ยท and the R.M. of Odanah. He married Kim Thompson on April 9, 1983.

Melvin: Born in 1963, attended Erickson Schools to the end of Grade 10. Melvin quit school to help with the dairy business. He is very interested in sports, par­ ticularly basketball. His hobbies are cross-country skiing, trapping, hunting and fishing. Melvin is currently em­ ployed by "Mallard Holsteins", and lives on S.E. 2-18- 18W.


John Yakiwchuk was born August 21st, 1903, in Mountain Road, Manitoba, to Mike and Katherine Yakiwchuk and attended Lund school. He was married in Arden, Manitoba November 16, 1930 to Lena (Malice) Matietz, daughter of Max and Anna Matietz of Elphinstone, Manitoba.

John and Lena farmed in Bernie, Manitoba, for two years, moved to Erickson, Manitoba, in 1933 where they farmed for three years and then left the farm and moved into town in 1943. He was then trucking, hauling gravel, lumber and wood.

They had four sons, Melvin, Max, Henry and Lorin. Melvin was born in Bernie, March 27, 1932, was married July 20, 1955, and had two children by his first marriage, Brent and Mavis. Brent passed away December 15, 1956, in Kenora, Ontario, and Mavis, Mrs. Ian Dyson has a son George. Melvin was remarried to Stella Strank of Rossburn, Manitoba, July 17, 1970, and they reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Max was born in Erickson, October 6, 1933, died August 5th, 1941.

Henry was born in Erickson, July 30, 1935, married Rose Semchuk April 20, 1957. They are living in Kenora, Ontario, and have a son Rick and daughter Cindy.

Lorin was born in Erickson October 5th, 1942, married Linda Beever September 2, 1967, and they have three sons, Zane, Bryson and David. They are living in Richmond, B.C.

In 1943, John and Lena moved to Minnedosa, Manitoba where he was employed by the Good Roads with his own truck for 27 years and then was a custodian at the South School until he retired. He passed away March 29, 1975, his wife Lena is still living in Minnedosa.

John Yakiwchuk - 1944.


Gabriel Taras Yakiwchuk was born in Ituna, Saskatchewan, September 16, 1917 to Daniel and Dora Hryneu. He had three brothers and three sisters. While in early infancy, he lost his parents due to influenza. The children were then all taken to the orphanage at Y orkton, Saskatchewan. Gibb and his brothers and sisters were adopted, all to different families and nationalities.

Onfrey and Jessie Yakiwchuk of Mountain Road, Manitoba, adopted two children, Gibb at the age of one and a half years and raised them on their homestead. Gibb attended Lund school till grade six, then had to leave school to help on the farm. He joined the army at the age of twenty-six. He was stationed in Manitoba and Ontario which covered a period of two years. At the age of twenty-eight, he married Pearl Zwarich of Kerr's Lake. Pearl was born and raised on her parents homestead, Wasyl and Anne Zwarich. She was born May 17, 1925. She was the youngest of fifteen children.

Gibb and Pearl were married January 25, 1945, at Kerr's Lake and settled on his father's homestead. In the fall of 1946, he went to Brandon and took a six month course in carpentry. Gibb worked out on construction, mainly carpentry, while his wife Pearl remained on the farm raising the children and caring for the livestock. In 1951, Gibb laid the hardwood floor in the Kerr's Lake hall. Gibb along with Frank Woywada were the head