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large sum of money has to be borrowed to install the plant, putting a burden on all taxpayers in the municipality whether they use the phone or not.

July 6, The adherents of the Lutheran Church in Scandinavia are making arrangements for the erection of a new edifice, the old one having become too small. (Council gave permission for sand from road allowance for building.)

John Watson's buildings were wrecked by a cyclone. Trees were uprooted and carried a great distance.

Council meeting July 10, 1916. Moved by Mr. McMillan, seconded by Mr. O.J. Gusdal, that we grant the Manitoba Patriotic Association the sum of $3,000.00, $1,500.00 to be levied in 1916 and $1,500.00 in 1917, payable in monthly installments of $250.00 each.

Health officer attended council meeting and he was appointed to inspect all school children in the Municipality and vaccinate all children not previously done between June 15, and 1st of July. Clerk to notify all schools of the inspection.

January 6 Council meeting. A petition was received against granting E.A. Newpert or anyone else a licence to operate a bowling alley. Petition rejected. A good deal of excitement was caused by the arrival of the Beddome herd of cattle on its way to Clear Lake pastures.

Telephone cable gang is now working in the Erickson district.

Erickson now boasts about having a "Moving Picture Show".

May 12, 1922 By Law No. 425. Vote of electors of the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam. Object of the said by-law is to appoint a Municipal Physician to give free medical attendance to all the residents of the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam. Salary to be $3,300.00 a year.

Gust Bengston to receive $7.00 per 1,000 feet for laying sidewalks along south side of Block 1, in Erickson.

January 2 - Restaurant licence be granted to Sam Wing for a fee of $5.00. Boarding­ house licences be granted to Mr. Henry Miller and Mrs. Mary Warren. Automobile licences are issued under the new wheel base system of taxation, based on the distance from centre of front wheel hub to centre of rear wheel hub. Fees range from $15.00 to $35.00, for trucks from $20.00 to $50.00.

The Secretary of Council be instructed to communicate with Honorable Neil Cameron requesting that steps be taken to have a constable permanently stationed in Erickson.

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The annual meeting of the Erickson Board of Trade was held in the office of the Farmers Elevator Co., on Tuesday February 11, and the following were elected officers for the ensuing year:

President: E.A. Neupert, Vice-President O.J. Gusdal, Sec. Treas. H.G. Mutch; Directors: P.O. Lee, T.E. Squire, W.L. Logan, C.J. Johnson, S. Bolt and H.W. Miller. Among other things the Board of Trade decided was that as long as the Board of Trade piano was now entirely paid for, it would, in future be kept in the school under the supervision of the principal. The charges for rental were decided upon as follows: Local organizations $3.00 per night, Outside organizations, $5.00 per night. School, church and charity concerts, free. May 24, 1924 - Council meeting. A petition from the businessmen of Erickson was received asking for a weekly half holiday during June, July and August. That the petition be received and that the secretary prepare by­ law accordingly providing for a penalty of $30.00 for an infraction of same.

Nodrob School District Meeting - Roads in the district so poor, children can only attend six months of each year. A money by-law was passed for the purpose of making a new road to the school.

August 7 - U.F.M. picnic was held at Erickson. Football game between Erickson and Scandinavia and Ted Hodgson broke his leg.

March 6 - A new road to Clear Lake seems to be assured as the Secretary of the Board of Trade received a communication from the Minister of Public Works, stating that the Chief Surveyor of the Department had received instructions to carry out the necessary survey. Mr. Cameron, an engineer in the employment of the Government arrived in Erickson on Monday, March 3, 1924 to map out the route in preparation for a survey, which will likely be made in the near future. This road when completed will serve a two fold purpose. First it will provide a good route for the soldier settlers to travel on to market their grain and secondly, it will provide the public with access to one of the most beautiful natural summer resorts in the province.

Mountain Road Church opened July 19, 1925.

July 1 - The Riding Mountain Fox Farm Company will be pleased to have the people of Minnedosa and district visit their farm, which is now open for visitors. This is an interesting place and worth seeing. It is situated five miles north of Scandinavia.