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July 24, Mr. E.N. Nelson of Clanwilliam has taken over the butcher shop, formerly operated by Mr. O.A. Wickstrom.

The pool elevator installed a new Rustin Hornby engine in May.

Cheerful Workers, Mother and Daughter banquet in May.

Dr. E.J. Rutledge question before the House of Commons regarding the highway from No. 4 to Clear Lake. Did the government consider which highway construction would serve the most economical distribution of market roads. Highway between Erickson and Russell ­ Work continued throughout the summer. The frozen food locker plant operated by Arthur Neilson was opened on September 17, 1947. Residents of the town and district will now have available the advantage of cold storage both in summer and winter. The plant contains space for 324 steel lockers. Equipment includes a deep well, modern plumbing, power meat saw and grinder slicer etc. The retail meat depart­ ment is continued.

Two young girls lost 24 hours in woods near their home. Marlena, four years of age and Jean seven, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Swiscoski, live seven miles northeast of Erickson. The search saw men from the Clear Lake Army Camp join with the R.C.M.P. and volunteers from the district to scour the woods around the farm. The lost children spent a night out in one of the worst electric storms in the district that year. The girls were located about I 1/2 miles from their home.

Fire destroys Gordon's Service Station and garage building owned by Mr. Chris Skovmose. Damages to extent of $20,000.00.

"Last week in the Erickson district of Manitoba, a district old-timer climbed into his car and started off for the village to attend his 1,560th consecutive meeting of the council of the rural municipality of Clanwilliam. At the end of this year Charles August Hill will have served on the Clanwilliam council for 30 years, and he plans on retiring at this time. In 1924 Mr. Hill was first elected to the council. Since that time, he has been returned in every election.


by Clare and Paulette Haralson

Prior to the formation of the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam, the Northwest Mounted. Police station was opened at Tanners Crossing "Minnedosa" in 1875 with a staff of two Constables.


The Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam records in­ dicate that starting in 1905, the Council appointed Constables to patrol the area, believed to be mostly councillors. From 1905-1926 the Constables listed were:

P. Larson, C.J. Johnson, John Lundstrom, A.A.

R. C.M. P. Officer at the Queen's visit to Erickson.