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Erickson District Hospital8A.

Erickson and District. There have been several meetings with Government officials and a committee appointed by the Hospital Board. The District Health Care Planning Committee have prepared two submissions to the Government for a proposed twenty bed personal care home. One submission was made in 1979 and a follow-up in 1983.

Doctors using the Hospital 1950-1983: Dr. J. Burgess, Dr. M. Burke, Dr. M. Sirett, Dr. N. Sirett, Dr. J. Baker, Dr. K. Harris, Dr. E. Rutledge, Dr. B. Donnelly, Dr. J. O'Connell, Dr. M. Said, and Dr. A.S. Khandelwal.

Administrators 1950-1983: Mr. J.C. Cutter (Secretary­ Treasurer) 1950-1972, Mr. G. Vanhoren, Mr. N. Mc­ Clelland, Mr. W. Wallin and Mr. J. Dodd.

Directors of Nursing 1950-1983: Mrs. H. Kriehn, Mrs.

E. Sloane, Mrs. V. Smith, Mrs. J. Brown, Mrs. V. Peden, Mrs. S. Steingard, Mrs. H. Gushulak and Mrs. F. McDonald.

In 1972, the Hospital Board, after much deliberation, requested to have Shared Administration with Min­ nedosa Hospital and this is continuing until the present time.

Other areas that have shared services are Business and Accounting, Pharmacy, and Medical Records. The laundry is also done at Minnedosa Hospital. The Lab and X-ray services are provided by the Provincial Lab with technicians coming from Minnedosa four weekday mornings, Monday to Thursday.

The Public Health Nurse has .her office in the hospital and works closely with the Doctor and Hospital to provide a continuity of care for patients in the com­ munity.

POW(-' _ \? -~ .••• ~.

Erickson Medical Nursing Unit Board and Dignitaries - 1962. Standing, Left to Right: Dr. Morley Sirett, Fred Smith, Andy Theirry, Jim Wallace, Unidentified, Walter Weir, Joe Lenkewich, Leon Oshust, Harry Paulsen, Tom Bertram. Seated: Viola Peden, Unidentified, Linus Miller, Jack Cutter, Wally Townley and Dr. Nancy Sirett.

Two things are bad for the heart - running up stairs and running down people.