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Pioneer plowing - Photo courtesy of J. Marriott

rink was built by J. Sproule across the road from the Nixon farm. This also was only a temporary building, and was followed in the fall of 1S9S by what was hoped to be a permanent skating and curling rink in the Village of Margaret, built by A. Sproule and A. McMillan. This rink too proved to be short lived as it was com­ pletely demolished the following summer by a wind storm.

Of more than passing interest at the time was the birth of the first baby boy and baby girl in the area. Norman A. McMillan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McMillan was born Jan. 4th, 1883, and Mildred Cline, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Cline, was born in July of the same year. Mr. McMillan is now practising law in the city of Winnipeg. Miss Cline, who spent her life in church work, is now retired and living in Chelsea, Mich., U.S.A.

The first business places opened in Margaret were: David Dalgleish, general store; Garnet Morris, general store; Wm. Jekill, blacksmith shop; W. H. Thompson, implement business; John Meldrum, lumber business; Winnipeg Elevator Co., with Jas. Inkster as operator, and the Northern Elevator Co., with Wm. Heard as operator. The first Railway office was opened in the Dalgleish store with Jas. Cameron as agent.

With the coming of the Railway in the fall of 1898, and the turning of the century a new era was entered. But even a sketchy history, such as the foregoing cannot be brought to a close without paying tribute to the pioneers of the district. The men and women of these early years were men and women of courage, integrity