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In the "Dirty Thirties" when taxes were hard to collect, financial difficulties arose once more when the municipality made it even more difficult by taking the reserve built up over a period of favourable years, leaving the district with little funds to meet expenses. It is known that certain taxpayers deprived themselves to pay the teacher's salary when reserves were exhausted.

In 1951 the school which had schooled 226 pupils was replaced by a modern type building on the same location.


Perhaps the first school built in the Boissevain District was a small frame structure located one mile west of the present town site. It was named Nimitaw, an Indian name. Nimitaw Post Office was located about two miles northwest of the school on Sec. 34-3-20, it was run by Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Rae, two of our earliest settlers. The first school children in Boissevain had to walk a mile out of town to attend school.

On April 4, 1888, the first Caranton School meeting was held in Wm. Willson's house. Among those present were, Messrs. W. Wilson, Pete and Dune. Henderson, A. J. Cameron, P. Hill, Wm. Lambert, Jas. Rae, Wm. Latimer and Wm. Miller. It was decided to purchase Nimitaw School for $160.00, plus a moving charge of $85.00, name it "Caranton" and locate it on Sl/z 28-3-20, in the then Municipality of Deloraine. Debentures were issued for $500.00 to pay for and furnish the school. First expenditures were for a broom, dust pan, chalk and correction strap. One item always found in the pioneer accounts was "plowing the fire break." The first teacher was Robert Fletcher of Deloraine. Dr. Beath was the secretary-treasurer. The following are the names of the pupils who first attended at the opening - Mellissa King, Maud Hill, Esther Hill, Wes Musgrove, Bob Robertson, Rebecca Johnson, Eva Johnson, Mina Johnson, Fred Johnson, Edgar Johnson, Lena Cook, Bob Cook, Janet Rae, Jim Rae, John Nelin and Ada Cook.

The records would not be complete without mention of some of the early pioneers. In addition to those mentioned above appear the names of Chas. Irvine, Mr. Kennedy, W. H. T. Lee, Bill Rae, Wm. Cumpstone, John Wilson, Frank Latimer, Frank Thompson, John and Davy Brown, Gerald Sankey, Robert Baskerville, Lou Smith and Joe Birbeck. Accounts payable were to Chas Plummer, Geo. Morton, D. S. McCuaig, J. D. Blaine, J. A. Wright and Joe Bowes.

New settlers quickly followed and from the distant past we call to mind the families of T. Jones, Tom Tyreman, John A. Smith, Fred Noton, Robt. Robertson, Ed. Watson, Art Raymer, Billy Bris­ tow, Kincaid brothers, Chas. Stewart, Affleck brothers, Jack Wadell,