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First gasoline tractor in district owned by Jac. A. Patterson

Geo. Baskerville, Frank Beedle, H. A. Harris, Alex Love, Geo. Collinson, Bob Orr and John Ford.

In 1903 the school was burned and a much larger one was erected one mile north of the old school on the same section. Our first school cost $500.00, the second one $1400.00, and today schools of similar size are costing upwards of $14,000.00.

Caranton has been served by a long line of teachers. Some inevitably chose to remain in the district. Among them we recall Nellie Irvine (Mrs. C. C. Musgrove), Jean Craig (Mrs. Reid, Elgin), Alberta Roe (Mrs. Earl Henderson), Emma Hammond (Mrs. W. Latimer) and Jenny Taylor (Mrs. Geo. McDonald). We like to think that some who got their start in life teaching in our school rose to great heights. Randolph Cottingham, deceased, was raised on a farm south of Boissevain, taught at Caranton, and later at Wesley College, and eventually rose to a high position in the Provincial Government. Hamilton Laing, a teacher who taught all his pupils a love and understanding of nature, later became an author. He resides in Comox and still writes. An autographed copy of one of his books is in our museum.

Today, many of our old pupils are but a memory. Some passed on long since. Some served in two world wars. Many have made a name in industry and the professions, but we are most pleased to report that some are farming the land that their grandfathers wrested from the wilderness. The homesteads of Wm. Willson, Pete and Dune Henderson, Wm. Latimer and Robt. Baskerville still bear the family names.

The old School has been closed for some years now. "John Loves Mary" has all but faded from its walls. The initials on the