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desks whisper faintly of days long gone. A brooding silence envel­ opes it, but a new generation is growing up and once again it will ring with childish laughter. Plans are being made to re-open it. May its future be as happy as its past.


Prior to the formation of Wassewa S. D. in 1889 two other schools had served the district. The first school, formerly a house on the farm of Mr. Morton, was open for five months in the sum­ mers of 1888 and 1889. The teacher, Mr. Carruthers, was paid by the parents of the pupils. These pupils attending at this time were Pete and Bill McCorquodale and Mina Campbell.

The second school, known as the Shanty school, was opened in the spring of 1890 with William Finley as teacher. The school was situated on S.E.%. of 22-2-21, which was owned by Alex McNeil. The lumber for the building was donated by Sam Smith. The interior featured a sloping desk, built along one side of the room, at which the older pupils sat on a long bench. The younger pupils had shorter benches and held box-like desks across their knees.

The present school, built in 1890 by Ellis Maguire on land donated by Hugh McCorquodale, was opened in June 1891 with Miss May Ross as teacher. Pupils enrolled were Pete and Bill McCorquodale, Mina Campbell, Janette and Mary Currie, Flora and Sinclair Smith, Merle and Cecil Millions, Grace, Alf and Oscar Dusenbury, Jack, Laura and Bert French, Smillie Ross, Maude Eaton, Pauline, Jack and Ernest Thorne, three other Smith girls and seven pupils with the surname Fourieners. The first trustees of the district were Sam Smith, Alex McNeil and Robert Ross. The school was closed from 1908 to 1915. In 1929 a second room was added to the building.

Early settlers of the district included: W. J. McKinney, John Peacock, E. Blackenbaugh, Frank Thompson, Robert Ross, Ned and Richard Spankey, Robert Eaton, Richard and Henry Birbeck, Lou Morton, Walter and John Millions, Gilbert and Sam Smith, Donald Currie, Bill Turner, Alex McNeil, Jim McKinley, Hugh McCorquodale, Henry French and a Mr. Donaldson.


Plans for erecting and opening a school which were much dis­ cussed in the year 1887, culminated in the circulating of a petition setting out the proposed district and site. The site, donated by the late Wm. Patterson Sr. was the S.W. corner of 2-3-20, which area was at that time in the Municipality of Deloraine.

In April 1888 permission was granted from the Board of Education, and a meeting held to elect a board. This consisted of