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John Musgrove, Robt. Johnson, Jas. Patterson, Hugh Johnson and A. M. Stuart; the first three being the trustees, and the last two the auditors.

On April 7, 1888 a further meeting was held at the home of Jas. Patterson and designated the school district to be known as Richview No. 528, and arrangements made to sell debentures to the extent of $500.00 to build and equip the school. These were sold and the contract awarded to Mr. Benjamin Cook who constructed the building.

It is interesting to note that according to the minute book the first teacher, Mr. Wm. L. King was engaged for a period of four and one half months or five months, if weather permitted. In the early years the school was only kept open in the spring, summer and fall months as winter was considered too severe. This policy was discarded after a while. It was realized that a lot of boys and girls who had to work on the farms in the summer months would get very little schooling, hence a program to include winter school­ ing was adopted. This decision brought forth a contentious question of fires and light. The light problem prevailed for some time, but the heat question was settled by paying the sum of five cents per morning to a pupil to start the fire.

The school today has progressed with the rest of the district, and with modern heating and lighting facilities boasts of being the social centre in a community winter program.

The first six teachers were - Mr. Wm. L. King, Miss Bertha Cooper, Miss Jane McKay, Mr. J. R. Cooke, Mr. F. W. Robinson, and Miss Nellie Irvine (now Mrs. C. C. Musgrove and still living at Boissevain).

The religious exercises of the community were ably taken care of in the nineteen hundreds under the leadership of Mr. J. J. Mus­ grove, who acted both as superintendent and Bible class teacher. Even after Mr. Musgrove moved from the farm to Boissevain, he drove back with the horse and buggy to continue the services.


Owing to loss of the school books, the history of Petersburg School is very limited.

It appears that prior to 1894 school was held at the correction line, south of Whitewater, then in 1894 was held above the store owned by Fred Peters, Miss E. Rombough being the teacher. The following year a new school was built on the present site, which is in the south side of the village of Whitewater. The school was called Petersburg, being named after Fred Peters.

Among the first trustees were, Fred Peters, Tom Willson, and Bob White. The first pupils of which we have a record were, Lyle Rombough, Ted and Jim Peters; Gint, Harry, Maude, Nelly and Ethel Rolston; Bob Zetterstrom, Percy Jones and Elsie Law.