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Cement Block Manufacturing on farm of W. J. McKinney, 1904 - Pnoto courtesy Mrs. I na McKinney


Wood Lake School situated near the N.W. corner of 8-2-19, was built in 1893, and opened in August of the same year. Mr. W. L. Webster was teacher at a salary of $375.00 for the year.

Sixteen pupils enrolled for the opening, namely - Amy, Teena and John Armitage; Mabel, Etta, Emily, Chas. and Geo. Blanchard; Robt. and Jane McRuer; Jas. and Nellie Scott; Teena, Jas. and John Cossar.

The first school board consisted of Andrew Cassar, Thos. Kemp­ thorne and John Deacon, the latter also being secretary-treasurer.

In the year 1900 the enrollment had increased to 53, but by 1922 was down to six; again by 1935 it was back to 34, and today stands at nine.

Owing to the fact that a large number of the registers cannot be located, much of the early history of the district is lost since it was formed 63 years ago.


The first meeting of the ratepayers of Croll School District No. 1929 was held June 12th, 1918, with G. Barefoot elected to act as secretary-treasurer and Alex Grant as chairman. The other two trustees besides A. Grant were Fred Sanderson and J. M. Pierce.

J. McDonald's offer of a school site on 35-4-20 was accepted and plans the same as Conworth School adopted. The contractor was G. B. Robinson who erected the frame building during Septem­ ber and October of the same year.