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The school was opened on February 14, 1919 with Murray Anderson as teacher at an annual salary of $800.00. There were only twelve pupils registered to start with, but very shortly the enrollment was up to twenty. The school yard was fenced and a well drilled the same year.

The first pupils were - Kay Barefoot, Wilbert Stokes, Arthur Stokes, Myrtle Stokes, Henry Stokes, Gordon Pierce, Gertie San­ derson, Daisy Sanderson, Alfred Wolsley, Bill Sanderson, Duncan Pierce, Florence Pierce, Pearl Mills, Irene Abbott, John Abbott, Morris Sanderson, Roy Hanne, Edith Pierce, Gordon Grant, Philip Barefoot.


Primrose School District was organized in 1885 and the school built the same syear. During '85 it was open seventy-five days with Mr. Isaac Roger in charge and sixteen pupils attending. The names of the pupils were - Oscar, Arthur, and Berla McCutcheon; Amy, Jim, and Nellie Munro; Bert Cameron; Irwine and Givis Boyd; Alvin Wilson; Bert McKenzie and Della Moles.

On the first school board were Mr. H. Duncan, Joe Boyd and Joe McCutcheon, Mr. H. Duncan being secretary.

Mr. Alex Munro built the school which is located on the N.W.VI 18-4-20. The government grant for the first year being $50.00.

The district was well known for the wild primroses that grow in profusion throughout the area, consequently the name "Primrose" was the natural choice.

In 1955 the old school was replaced by the most modern school building in the Boissevain area.


By order of the Municipal Council, Desford School District came into being on January 2 ,1894, the district to comprise sections one to twenty-four inclusive in township two, range twenty, with the exception of sections eighteen and nineteen. Proposed site of the school to be the southwest corner of southeast quarter 22-2-20.

The Reeve at that time was Wm. Miller, and the Secretary Treasurer R. Morrison.

A month later on February 1 a meeting of the residents of the district was held at the residence of J. W. Taylor where they elected a board of trustees comorised of Robt. Willis, Owen Bill and J. W. Taylor, the latter to act as secretary treasurer.

The same day the trustees met and called a ratepayers meeting for February 8 to select a school site, and arrange for raising the money for the building.

At this meeting it would appear that the proposed site wasn't