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Early binder - Photo curtesy Mrs. A. Plunkett

=rrtirely satisfactory, as we have a motion to have the site changed to N.E. 15-2-20, however an amendment carried in favor of the original site of 22-2-20 except that it be on the southeast corner of the quarter instead of the southwest.

The trustees were empowered to borrow the sum of $500.00 for the purpose of building it school and to issue debentures to this amount at six per cent. Repayment to be made in ten equal instalments.

A. King constructed the school the same year, and it was opened with Miss Ada Cook as the first teacher. Information as to the first pupils is limited, but some of these were the Raymer family, Joe Taylor family and Griffen family, also Roy and May Birbeck (now Mrs. J. McCorquodale).

Notes of interest among the minutes include twelve cords of wood cut in two foot lengths, delivered by Frank Woods at seventy­ five cents a cord in 1900. In 1901 the price of cordwood had soared to ninety cents and by 1906 reached -a peak of $3.85 to slump the next year to $1.60 a cord.

In 1905 we find R. McIntosh delivering a quantity of gravel and spreading it on the school yard at ninety cents a load.

The problem of lighting school fires was solved in 1901 by granting the teacher the sum of five dollars for the year to start same.

While we don't have a record of the salary paid the first teacher we do find that Laura French who succeeded Miss Cook received $37.50 per month for ten months. Teachers salaries averaged a