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little lower than this however in 1899, being $32.00 per month and in 1900 $34.00.

Desford school was used until 1950 when it was sold and moved co Boissevain where it is at present used as a residence. A contract was awarded and a new school constructed on the same site at a cost of $9,900.00. This served until 1954 when the attendance got too heavy and it was found necessary to use the basement to con­ vert it into a two room school. The enrollment at Desford now stands at fifty.

The Desford district has also been served since 1899 by St.

John's Anglican Church which stands just across the road from the school.


The residents of Lake Max district feeling the need of a school met on the 15th day of July, 1903, for the purpose of organizing and setting up a school board. At this meeting Walter Harrington, A. S. Woods and Thos. Tyreman were elected trustees and Henry Woods as secretary treasurer.

The following were residents of the district at the time: Chas.

Calder, Wm. Maddess, Walter Harr-ington, Jacob Dow, Henry Wood, A. S. Wood, Thos, Tyreman, Jas. Thomlinson, Chas. Dunn, Harry Hammond, John Hamilton. Jas. Gordon, Wm. Cox, C. F. Wood, John Reever and P. Mulholland.

On July 23, 1903, a ratepayers meeting was called for the purpose of choosing a school site and also to arrange for the raising of $700.00 for erection of the school. It required several meetings to decide on a site and also a contractor. However, the contract was let on November 4, 1903 to Mr. A. King, he being the contractor for several of the ear her schools.

The site choosen was the southeast corner of 12-2-21, this piece of ground being purchased from Henry Woods.

At little if any outside carpentry was attempted in the winter time in those days, and school didn't open until the fall term of 1904, with Mr. Frank Bowey as teacher. It closed for the winter months and re-opened again in the spring of 1905 with Mr. E. H. Black as teacher at a salary of $45.00 per month. There were fifteen pupils enrolled at the opening, namely - Florence Daw. Maud and Grace Woods; Maggie Cox; Jane, Ben and Ida Harrington; Bessie, Annie, Ida, Lucy and Dave Maddess; Henry and Lena Reever.


The fir-rt minutes of Brown Lea which are available record a meeting in 1887 for the purpose of receiving and considering tenders for the erection of a school house. The day and month are not