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G. C. Wright adobe home 22-4-20. Possibly first of its kind in the west, built in the late 80's - Courtesy Mrs. A. E. Cook, formerly Georgia May Wright

mentioned but it must have been early in the year, as a special meeting followed on February 7 of the same year, held in the house of Harry Maxwell, 28-4-19. It was unanimously agreed that the sum of $400.00 be raised by the sale of debentures for the construction and equipping of a school. Those present were D. Pringle, T. Hammond, H, Maxwell, G. Brown, A. Houck, E. Copper and J. Brown.

The minutes of the annual meeting were now read, also A.

Houck elected trustee for another term, which indicates that the district must have organized for at least a year previous to this meeting.

J. Brown received the sum of $5.00 for one acre, and tenders received which ranged all the way from $330.00 for school and furnishings to $425.00. Geo. Brown was the low bidder and was awarded the contract and constructed the building on the N.E. 20-4-19.

Miss Lucy Cockburn was engaged as teacher for a six month term at $30.00 per month, followed the next year by Miss Eliza for a term of six months at $35.00 per month. The first pupils were­ Isabel, Mamie and Thos. Armstrong; Billy Pringle; Kate, Joe and Sinclair Brown; Gardner Hammond; Lottie Hopwood; Mary and Beatrice Halls; Liza Taylor; Bertha, Lizzie and Jack Cooper.

We have a number of old timers' names appearing on wood contracts and in office. To mention a few of them we have, Dave