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Freemasonry being what it is, a system of morality, or a code of conduct, enjoining its members to practise of every virtue, the organization of a Masonic Lodge at so early a time in the settlement of this part of our country adds additional testimony to the quality of those "Old Settlers."

On May 6, 1886 Doric Lodge No. 36 AF. & AM., G.R.M., received from the Grand Lodge of Manitoba, a dispensation permitting the holding of meetings by members of the craft. The first meeting was held in the home of Rev. Alexander Henry Cameron. The first "regular" meeting was held on June 30, 1886, and the charter was granted on Feb. 12, 1887.

The charter members were:

CAMERON, Alexander Henry IRELAND, Walter Wallace CORNELL, Sanford Al1gustus COWAN, William E1dw~rd BUTCHART, David Martin KELLETT, Thomas Henry MOqRE, J ames Peter COOKE, Frederick Augustus WILLIAMS, Clarence Wood

I· ,

NELSON, John Linn

The first officers were:

IRELAND, Walter Wallace Worshipful Master
CORNELL, Sanford Augustus Senior Warden
KELLE;TT, Thos. Henry Junior Warden
CAMERON, Alexander Henry Chaplin
COWAN, William Edward Treasurer
COOK~, Frederick Augustus Secretary
HIGHMAN, J ohn ~_,---------------------------- Senior Deacon
TATCH~LL, Edwin Barrett Junior Deacon
~EA, J ames ,-------.-------------------------- Inner Guard
PETER~, Frederick Damand Tyler

In 1888 the present l'4~~Qn~c Hall was built, the cost having been financed by subscriptions \,>f members of the Lodge; an addition was built in 1.897. At first the \~w.e., r flo.or. of the building was used as a school. In 1903 it was leaseq as a POEIt Office and was so used until ]935, when the first part of the present modern Post Office building

was erected. '

The following are some of the historical events especially noted by Doric Lodge:

1. On 2 Aug. 1891-A memorial service for Sir John A Mac­ Donald, a leader amongst the Fathers of Confederation, and a Prime Minister of Canada, who had been a Free Mason for 45 years;

2. On May 26, 1936-Doric Lodge celebrated its Golden Jubilee Anniversary by special ceremonies at which many distinguished Masons were present.

HIGHMAN, John STURT, John Richard LOVELL, William

OKE, Samuel

MORTON, George

REA, James

SMITH, William ASHDOWN, Alfred PETERS, Frank Damand

T ATCH~LL, Edwin Barrett